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Jonathan and Charlotte – a Parable of the Kingdom

Have you seen this parable of the Kingdom?


The one despised blows the roof off.

The one judged rises up in glory.

Those who had judged are themselves judged and made to look fools.

We thought she was carrying him.  No - he carries her.

He would have overwhelmed her if it weren't for his grace.

"We're going to stay as a duo" he says - and upward they rise.

This is Christ's universe.  All Hail the Lamb!


5 thoughts on “Jonathan and Charlotte – a Parable of the Kingdom

  1. Simulator

    Didn't quite understand what you wrote or it wasn't as hard-hitting till I've watched the video!

  2. tim parker

    ..moments which can fill our hearts with joy, even if we don't know where it comes from. I suppose it takes the child in us to know, without the world's cynicism etc, that this is sourced in the Father - Son relationship and their pleasure in interacting (?) with the world they are 'wedded' to. Heretically, I seem to be nearly more interested in this, the extra-biblical book of God's world, than the book of the Word. I am a non-classist, and i like the idea of being a 'naturalist' in the behaviours of our species, as influenced by the Spirit. That is what you are doing here, i take it?

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