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Open Air doesn’t have to be flashy

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A friend and I did an hour of open air outreach this morning.  More were due to come but illness prevented.

I was all prepared to preach (on "Pray for Muamba" and on the budget / problem of debt) but there were too many buskers to compete with.  With such lovely weather we had singers every 50 metres all along the town centre.  So instead of preach, we set out a table with free gospels, bibles and tracts.

In an hour we handed out every tract we had (100+), gave out 2 New Testaments and about 10 Gospels.  Six different people stopped to chat and three of them (count it - three of them) said they'd come to church tomorrow. Please pray they do.

All we had was a literature table, a hand-made sign saying "Free, please take one" and we spent an hour in the sunshine smiling, offering free stuff and talking about Jesus.

Is that something you could do?

6 thoughts on “Open Air doesn’t have to be flashy

  1. James

    So encouraging to hear stories like this Glen! Definitely something my church could do. I'll let you know how we get on!

  2. Celal

    We've been doing open air in Enfield Town in front of the Barclays on Saturdays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. since December. Like you said it's simple enough even for someone like me : we have a table , tracts in English and tracts in the various foreign languages that are common in the area. Today we gave a tract to a young Romanian man and an elderly Chinese lady -- in their own tongue. Please pray for them and also an 87 year old man involved in Spiritualism who was willing to stand for many minutes and talk to us. It's great to have the freedom to do this. I think i should probably do a "Free please take one" sign and hang it on the side of the table. Good idea.

  3. John B

    At our church evangelism is even easier! We go to all of the homes in the area and hang invitations on the doorknobs for all of the Holy Week services. Our pastor advises door hangers who are shy persons that if any of the homeowners come out to talk with them, they can just run away! We call it the Mark 14:52 Ministry.

  4. Si Hollett

    John - I'm not sure that shy people wouldn't rather talk to the homeowner than streak through the town. ;)

  5. John B

    Hi Si,

    You're right. Even the non-shy would be in agreement on that one! Maybe "naked" applies here in a more metaphorical sense, such as in Toplady's great hymn, "Rock of Ages".

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