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And the winner is…

We've been asking Eastbourne their big question for God.  Here are the results...

Click here to view the spreadsheet.

Suffering accounted for more responses than the next three questions combined.

Bible-y questions were few and far between (3.5%), science-y questions even less common (2.5%).

To be fair the most common response I got to the question was blank incomprehension.  Whatever God people might believe in, he's not to be bothered.  Perhaps it's a case of: let him rule his universe and I'll rule mine...

Anyway, if you're in Eastbourne come to the Winter Garden from 7:45pm and hear our efforts at an answer:


27th March: What are you really like?

Do you exist?
How do you fit with science?

28th March: What happens when we die?

Why should I believe?
What’s the meaning of life?

29th March: Why is the world full of suffering?

Can you make things better?
Where do I stand with you?


5 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Glen

    Holiday Longing, that's a very deep answer - Revelation 13:8; John 10:17!

    John B, maybe one day :) And well done for naming Eastbournians correctly!

    Tim Vasby-Burnie, I was there when he asked it. It was definitely a suffering question. On the level of "why did you make the devil?" You'll see I also categorised it as "humourous" :)

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