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Happy Friday

And here's the closed captions for my video (you click on the little CC button at the bottom right)

Continue reading for the transcript...

They say it is a big man that lives far away

supposedly telling that's not the send button

at the same united news

he's not alone with many equipment on furniture

he's embroiled in his work

depiction self in the city

article we're grateful repeated

we sending requests competitive in a but we never get back

to you know the dvd's we try to be good

heat is on its way it's mera whites and blacks lists

maybe one day different to what we should

demands that the instance of monthly

seventy on trolling if not please the wind or at least expensive stuff

rented this rating system for the pic

that wasn't I'm not really a sydney

strains of the center is not in fact that second

most folks you've got

its government system distant big guy

some pages invisible certainly in the sky

he sees usually he knows when you want is

watching and waiting to start in the state

just like with simpson the craigs we handed well release  thing

we don't want him.

throughout the year two decade is out on this

when christmas rolls around we're expecting apartments

just leave as they get sick with a good enough

then please post up stock excelled subject at the picture rings true

italian that somewhat but it's like to

christmas resumes with stunning notes

the one from on high was born a lot

to a world indeed he did not send another

dot that's not became dot apr

he'd rule on the side forever to do well

ac dot in the flesh, in any way

is still in the manger a pencil and mansions heavily student defined the motion

bonus table wriggling on stroll fully committed to life in the rule

sedatives things and then goes away

Jesus as a different stack

sensory would suspect that bag

Jesus tools needed approach site

if you don't like that I think I know why

you probably think he sounds that make in the sky

and at that time that are wasted

this christmas with them to the god in my mind.







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