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0 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. boden mummy

    This comment is in now way related to the Harry Hill stuff.
    What I have been wondering about lately is this one question "why would God bother"? Why create a hell for people to suffer for all eternity, why make the serpent? Why make the human heart sinful? If he is omnipresent and knew what would happen right at the beginning of time, then why would he make a being which lives under his judgement?
    I am struggling with the idea that God says "you must love me forever or go to hell".
    I thought you would probably have something useful to say on the subject.

  2. Glen

    Hi boden mummy,

    Just heading off on the road all day so I'll have to be brief, but the short answer is that God hasn't done any of that.

    He didn't create hell for people (Matthew 25:41) it's for the devil. It's a terrible scandal that anyone follows the devil there.

    He didn't create the serpent as an evil creature. Ezekiel 28:12-19 shows that he was a guardian angel in the garden. But in Genesis 3 we see the alliance that he makes with humanity against the LORD.

    He didn't create the human heart sinful, He created us in love to share in that love. In Adam and since Adam we have perverted that life and live in a prison of our own making.

    You might want to ask why we're all bound up together in Adam's sin. It's because Adam is a type of Christ. Just as we're condemned in Adam without having done anything, so we are saved in Christ without having done anything. God does not create us sick and command us to be well. He creates us helpless and begs us to seek help.

    Judgement is God's alien work. Fundamentally God is love. From all eternity He has been a community of love - the Father loving the Son in the power of the Spirit. For eternity past He didn't have any experience of judgement or anger. He created a world out of love, to draw that world in. But when that world seeks to harm or demean His love, it provokes a jealous anger. But that anger, A) is not the bottom line on how He feels towards the world - He loves the world, and B) that anger is only *because* He loves so intensely.

    God's love is far more ultimate than His anger.

    Essentially God says "Receive my eternal love, it's for free and forever." *We* say "No, I will run from you." And if a person continues to run from that Love and Light they have chosen the outer darkness.

    Those are just some quick thoughts...

    God bless

  3. Birdbrain2007

    Could you please elaborate on this terrible scandal that anyone follows the devil to hell and Judgement being God's alien work?

  4. kirstindykes


    I like all your explanations, but I guess boden mummy's first question still stands, and it's certainly one I've been asked and asked myself before, too: "why did God bother?". He knew Adam and Eve were going to sin. Was it that He couldn't make us any other way e.g. because humans 'have to have free will', as some will argue - if so, why couldn't He? What's so crucial about freewill?

    Or was it because He thought it was a better outcome overall to make us as He did, knowing we would sin, because redemption is ultimately 'worth it'? If so, how do I explain to my non-Christian friend that God thought it was better to have a situation where so many in the world are condemned to hell, so that the few might experience a more glorious eternal life in awe of God's grace?

    Or is there some other alternative I haven't thought of? Or is there just not an answer...

    What a barrage of questions you now have for the end of your day on the road, sorry!


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