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Mission to St Paul's – Sunday??

Anyone up for some open air evangelism?  To the protestors, to the Cathedral staff, to passers-by... Does 2pm sound a stupid time?

And what do you think should be our angle?  How do we make it clear that Jesus aint on either side?  (Who wants to dress up as Jesus by the way - we could make a "Not in my name" placard!)

It seems to me that tax collectors and sinners (white collar criminals and flagrant law-breakers) both flocked to Jesus.  There was actually an alliance of the greedy and the groovy around Jesus.  Meanwhile the religious in their long flowing robes grumbled.  How do we model and proclaim that?

Lines that are running through my mind...

"What St Paul really said"

"The City that really counts"

"Those aren't the money-changers, and this aint the temple"

"Money is not the root of all evil - love of it is. It's a heart problem and it starts with me."

Your thoughts...?


10 thoughts on “Mission to St Paul's – Sunday??

  1. Dave K

    I just love that this is being organised by the internet. Unfortunately I'll be 275 miles away in the Lake district, otherwise I'd see what I could do about coming because I think it would be both fun and important.

    I like 'the City that really counts' and 'what st paul really said', but the last two would probably be seen as supporting the bankers (although the last one is very good if it weren't for the context).

    That's my 2p worth.

  2. James Watts

    I won't be able to make it, sadly. But will be praying. My 2p...2pm sounds reasonable, my call would be to go and hang out and talk to people, give a bit of relationship a chance to blossom where possible; you need time to be able to show you're interested in the people for their own sake, not just turning up to tell them what they ought to believe.

    A selection of placards might be fun...all of the above? I like the sentiment of the problem 'starting with me'; that it's in all of us. I also like the thought people would be pleasantly surprised that it's the religious that don't come to Jesus and remain grumbling, whilst the broken and the needy come and receive in all fullness...the humble are in and the proud and haughty are out. Love the City that really counts line too, though I think others are closer to the mark.

    'What would St Paul say', or something along those lines, maybe hinting at/paraphrasing the WWJD placard that got into all the news reports.

  3. Dave K

    Just had a thought for another banner.

    "what did Jesus do?"

    It's surprised me on the news how many people have picked up on the WWJD sign.

  4. kirstindykes

    Are you guys still going? If you're happy to have a relative newbie, I'd quite like to join you. Have you decided on a time? My email is: kirstin dot dykes dot 10 or I'm on Facebook.

  5. Preschool yorba linda

    I agree with all of your thoughts.Its true that money is not at all the root of all evil its just depends on our mind and heart that in which way we think and do.I will really very interesting and looking forward to join you soon...

    God Bless....

  6. Rachel Warwick

    I can't make it but just a thought... it's worth talking to the clergy at St Paul's just to see what they might already have done. It's their patch so seems only fair to work with them even if that's only by communication.

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