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Outgoing 8B – Raised part two

Outgoing – Session 8B – 27 October 2011

Michael Milmine




Raised - part two

The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus

Is God like a father?  No! God is Father


When Christ ascends to His right hand He declares/ anoints/crowns/seats the Man Jesus. (Heb 1:5; Act 13:33)

Man is now in the presence of God.  And we are in Him!!


Colossians 3:1-4 – We are raised with Christ!


What are the benefits?

Saved from damnation

Accounted righteousness

Brought to life

Given His riches, inheritance and honour

A life of purpose...


But these are not the greatest benefits of the Gospel.


What is the greatest benefit of the Gospel?

We are given Christ Himself!

All other benefits are found in Him.

Discuss: What difference does it make to our evangelism and Christian lives that God offers us Christ, instead of abstract salvation ‘stuff’ zapped into us?

If the Gospel gives us commodities– we need to keep hold of them

If the Gospel gives us Christ – He keeps hold of us.

Therefore, we are not walking a tightrope, we are in our Head forevermore.


Therefore we are saved by grace alone through faith alone

The gift of God to be received.

Common Objection:  What’s to stop people doing what they want and sinning?

Recommended Reading: Hebrews 1-5

What makes Jesus a good High Priest?

What is the quality of the Christian’s relationship to God?


Next Week: A Priestly People

How do we live our lives in Christ?  We rely on the Priesthood of Christ.  And we are a priesthood to the world.


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  1. Preschool yorba linda

    Just love the beginning of the post which describe "Is God like a father? No! God is Father".Your each word in this post describe the truth of a true Christ believer and His feelings.The other paragraph about the benefits of Gospel is also very nicely expressed.Very good work glen keep it up.I am always wait for your post which always give me some inner sense.

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