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Outgoing 7B – Buried part two

Outgoing – Session 7

20 October 2011

Buried - part two


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We’re enslaved to our passions:  Ephesians 2:1-10

In Adam we are dead, dominated and damned.

Sinners are as open to the gospel as Lazarus to Christ’s word!


In what ways are we free?

In what ways are we enslaved?


We do what we want to do – that is our freedom and our slavery!


“What the heart loves the will chooses and the mind justifies.”


The alcoholic can choose beer, wine or spirits

The sinner can choose a thousand ways to reject Christ

But we can’t simply choose to love God

We must be regenerated, recreated, resurrected!


Our best is rubbish: Isaiah 64:4

Romans 3:19-20;  Romans 5:20-21

What is the place of the law?  Galatians 3:15-25


Philippians 3:1-10


Common Objection: “I can be a good person without Jesus.”

Recommended Reading: Romans 5-8

How is the believer connected to Christ?

What is our relationship to sin, law, sinful nature, condemnation?

Next Week: Raised

Good news!  Christ comes to dead and buried sinners.  He takes our predicament on Himself, puts it to death and rises up new.  Best of all, He takes us with Him!


0 thoughts on “Outgoing 7B – Buried part two

  1. The Orange Mailman

    Glen, isn't the supposed "end" of the law only because it is now written on the hearts of those that participate in the new covenant? How can it be brought to an end when it is inscribed on our hearts?

  2. Glen

    Hi Orange,

    Yes I'm trying to use Galatians 3 language here (that's what I was teaching as I presented those powerpoints with the graph). We are no longer under the supervision of the law. That external school-mastery reign is over. But long live the reign of "faith expressing itself through love" for this is the fulfilling of the law (Gal 5:6,14)

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