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Outgoing 7A – Buried part one


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Outgoing – Session 7 – 20 October 2011


 RECAP:  Since God is Giver – what is sin?

Sin is not receiving

Sin is not about behaviour, it’s about being.



Common Objection: “Sounds like I’m born sick and commanded to be well. How is that fair?”


THIS WEEK:  We will explore four statements:

We’re born in sin

We’re condemned already

We’re enslaved to our passions

Our best is rubbish.



We’re born in sin:  John 3:1-8


We’re condemned already:  John 3:16-18

.What state are we in as Jesus comes to us?

What is the mission of the Father and the Son?


Why is it good news that I’m condemned already?

I’m not at a cross-roads, I’m not on a tight-rope

Eternity is not in the balance, it’s out of my hands


Therefore “DECISION” is dethroned.



In Adam my destiny was determined “pre”-me.

In Christ my destiny was determined “pre”-me.

Salvation is not a taxi, it’s a bus.

I don't pay for the ride, I don't determine the destination.

I find myself along with others on a predetermined path.


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