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Husbands love, Wives respect

From Emma's Blog:

Just before my hubby and I got married, we met up for dinner with a vicar friend of ours, what's known in the trade as a 'wise old chief'. He's just finished saying grace when, mid-fork, he grabbed Glen and I by the wrist and eyeballed us in a steely glare.

'Emma', he barked. 'Respect your husband. Praise him'

He turned to Glen and continued,
'Glen - love your wife. Never, never, never put her down'.

And with that, his eyebrows relaxed and he dropped our now limp wrists. 'Pass the salt'...

Read the whole thing here.

0 thoughts on “Husbands love, Wives respect

  1. woldeyesus

    Only in the presence of firsthand knowledge of God, in at least one of the spouses, can love and respect in marriage have a guarantee of success. Adam, Eve and the "tree of life" (or the cross of Christ) are perfect role models.

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