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Book Idea – Help Needed

Ok, what about this for a little cheapy evangelistic book.  Piggy-backing on the King James 400th anniversary, why not a short book going through some of the more famous phrases of the King James translation?  A short chapter on each, building up a gospel presentation as we go.

So far I've thought of...


Let us make man in our own image

Trinity, creation, us


Adam knew Eve (nudge nudge)

The 'biblical sense' of know is very deep.  That's the kind of sense in which we're meant to know God


Love thy neighbour

Love God and Love neighbour is the law.  It describes the life of the Son.  But it doesn't describe your life does it?  What's wrong with us...


Money is the root of all evil

Slight misquote - the love of money is the problem.  And it's a root.  Money's not the only thing that captures our hearts.  But that's our problem.  What we love is all akimbo.




Explain importance of substitutionary sacrifice


The sufferings of Job

Optional chapter on suffering


The valley of the shadow of death

It starts with "the LORD is my shepherd" but it enters the valley.  This is the way of the LORD.  Maybe stuff on Psalms as prayers of Christ from the depths.  He enters the valley for us.


The wisdom of Solomon

Son of David, portrait of Christ (some Psalm 72 stuff?)


Thus sayeth the LORD

Bible, prophecy, all Christ-focused.


Unto us a child is born



A prophet hath no honour in his own country

They received Him not...


Turn the other cheek

Stuff on Jesus' teaching as embodying His own life of other-centredness


Do unto others...

So true, and yet, do we?


Ye must be born again

You must be born again.


Let him who is without sin cast the first stone

Just tell the story


Jesus wept

Stuff on Jesus entering into our mess


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

Christ's love as ultimate


He gave up the ghost

Jesus death


Our Father in heaven

The essence of prayer is Jesus bringing us to the Father...


Faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these...

Gospel faith leads to gospel love.  Perhaps stuff on importance of church


No rest for the wicked

Biblical portraits of judgement.  Not Dante.  God confirming us in and leaving us in our restlessness.


The wolf shall dwell with the lamb / They will soar on wings like eagles / Hallelujah

New Creation


God so loved the world...

Appeal to trust in Jesus


What else?  Any thoughts?


0 thoughts on “Book Idea – Help Needed

  1. Josh

    Such a book would also be great for international students studying English who want to see where certain phrases come from.

    It would be easy to add the Good Samaritan, David and Goliath, speck in your eye...

    In a slightly different format you could add some BCP quotations that are linked to KJV language e.g. dust to dust, ashes to ashes, with Gen 3.

    If you can combine the quotations with various art works and the explanation you could make a very nice coffee table style book.

  2. Anonymous

    Skin of my teeth - Job 19
    Apple of [the] eye - various Bible refs
    Pearls before swine - Matthew 7
    Filthy lucre - various Bible refs (I got this from one of your sermons)

    And, more discursively, "David & Goliath" [although misapplied in our culture to situations where the power lies on Goliath's side...]

  3. Tim V-B

    Some of these phrases?

    As well as selling an estimated 1bn copies since 1611, the KJB went straight into our literary bloodstream like a lifesaving drug. Whenever we put words into someone's mouth, or see the writing on the wall, or go from strength to strength, or eat, drink and be merry, or fight the good fight, or bemoan the signs of the times, or find a fly in the ointment, or use words such as "long-suffering", "scapegoat" and "peacemaker" we are unconsciously quoting the KJB. More astounding, compared to Shakespeare's prodigal 31,000-word vocabulary, the KJB works its magic with a lexicon of just 12,000 words.


    The idea is great, Glen.

  4. Glen

    Thanks for all that help.

    I'm also thinking of doing some five part videos on crucial bible stories for the uninitiated.

    - The Garden

    - David and Goliath

    - Prodigal Son

    - The Cross

    - 1 Corinthians 13

    It's exciting to think what's possible with the new job.

  5. woldeyesus

    The two Creation equations:

    1) MAN ("dust of the ground") + BREATH OF LIFE = A LIVING SOUL in Gen. 2:7 and

    2) MAN ("flesh") + SPIRIT = born again in John 3:7

    are too close for comfort!

  6. Nick

    This is such a great idea - you MUST do it!!!

    ... And my folks often use (usually, patronisingly, to me!) "out of the mouths of babes and sucklings"!

  7. Leon Sim

    Pride before fall? From Prov. 16:18? A profound statement of humanity and all creation, with the pride of satan and humanity bringing about the Fall of all creation.

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