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Happy Friday

Tim Cairns also wants you to waste your afternoon on this addictive little cricket game.  If you have deadlines this afternoon don't click.  Seriously, if you're a cricketer you won't be able to resist trying to score a hundred.  And you'll never get that hour of your life back.  So, seriously, my advice, don't.

Just resist.


Nuff said

(link here).

0 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Tim


    I am resisting.

    But I thought 2 mins to say Hi would be a better use of time! Just wondering what to do with the other 58 you have 'saved' me?


    Had my first phone call confusion re. my Warwickshire and ex-England namesake today. A nice amusing break! Sadly it wasn't a call up for the Ashes or anything really cool.


    Happy Friday


  2. Heather

    "One man has ALL the answers..."

    That video is terrible! :P

    Craig found it somewhere a few days ago and I guiltily wondered whether I might get struck by lightning for thinking it's funny.

    The reality concerning lack of reverence for God isn't funny. But we can be so foolish sometimes it is laughable.

    Hopefully, you weren't taking notes on how to spice up your messages?

  3. Glen

    Tim Ambrose! Good to hear from you. Apparently I have a Canadian namesake who is a Hall of Fame Quarterback. No-one's confused us yet. Anyway, Happy Friday.

    And Tim C and Rich the phrase 'their glory is in thheir shame comes to mind'. ;-)

  4. Glen

    Heather - interesting how the same church vibe can be overtly anti-authoritarian and completely sold out to personality worship at the same time. They still end up lifting up the preacher-man, just in a slightly different way.

  5. Heather


    It is interesting, but not so much a mystery when we realize that man was designed to worship.

    I don't think the question is "if" we will , but rather, who/what will be the object of our affection.

    So, you haven't been tempted to draw in your sermon audience via the addition of pictures of puppies from third world countries?

  6. Hiram

    I had the same experience as you did when I first saw this video, Heather. I laughed incredibly hard at first, but by the end of it I was silent - mulling over the fact that there are many who are caught up in that scene who think they know Christ but don't :/ They just an Americanized concert-like religion.



    Glen, after failing a few times, I started to tell myself that I had something to prove to the booing crowd. That's when I closed the game. lol

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