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0 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. theoldadam

    Very funny!

    Isn't it odd that Christ bids us to 'die', if we would gain our life in this world.

    But...we choose...cake.

    That's why He baptizes us. He can kill us off that way...and we can still have our cake, too. :D

  2. Bobby


    What do you think of Rowan Williams, since you are an Anglican; and he is your Archbishop?

    So many of these young theologian types in the sphere seem to love him; I've never read him, and don't have much of an inkling to, should I?

  3. Glen

    Hi Bobby, to my shame I haven't read anything. He aint no evangelical! But he's a 'theologian' and so the sphere loves him! I've enjoyed a talk or two of his but for the most part he's indecipherable and leadership-wise he plays a 'wait and see' game with liberal revisionists that are tearing the church apart.

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