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Moonlighting preachers

After the Roger Carswell - Jack Lipnick comparison...

Tom has suggested Joe Pesci...

Si thinks Penfold:

John has suggested another...  Mike "Bada bing" Reeves:

Or then there's "Curb Your Hedonism Piper"

And - at a stretch - there's Tim Keller as Mike Novick from 24

Any more you can think of?


0 thoughts on “Moonlighting preachers

  1. Otepoti

    Fun Thursday?

    Insufficiently labial-fricative. Alliterative only in the East End.

    To ensure the proper level of wit, we must establish some Levitycal Laws.

    Funny post, though, AND hardly actionable at all.

  2. Si

    Tim Keller looks a bit more like John McCain than Mike Novak - then again, I'm sure there's a better match, there's tons of older white guys with that hair style to choose from - you just need someone with the right head shape.

  3. Glen

    Good ones. I'll have to expand the list sometime soon.

    Apart from Shrek. Paul, I'm shocked that you'd degrade my blog to make some cheap family dig. Everyone knows Steve looks like the Grand Pumpkin.

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