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Happy Friday

I've been remiss in my Happy Friday offerings of late.  So here - have two.


Brant Hansen draws our attention to the latest development in Wii-ship.  (Codepoke will be thrilled I'm sure).



And Ben Myers toys with an e-mail scammer.  Very funny.


0 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Otepoti

    ...and when the twins saw the video game clip, they said, "We want to play that."

    NOW what have you done, you Puseyite, you!

  2. codepoke

    And with wireless TCP connectivity feature, make your worship a real-time, 3d praise experience! Join with worshippers all over the globe and see who can get their genuflections most "Like"-d. Customize your avatar as you collect grace points to show your calloused knees, the stripes on your back, and (when combined with the add-on Passion Module[tm]) stigmata.

    Don't be deceived by the MolechX-box, Ashtari, or other late risers to the spiritual experience. Only the Sony Praystation delivers the authentic virtual spirtuality, VIRTUALITY [tm] experience (with special Second Blessing variants for those who just can't get enough.) Who needs Second Life, when you can have New Life with the flick of (cruci)'fix?

    Doesn't your spiritual reality need more reality?

  3. codepoke

    Otepoti, that's a fabulous reminder. We can never, never, ever imagine for one second that advertising doesn't work. Happy, trustworthy people get our immediate attention, maybe not our mind, but our attention, and we can't help but consider anything they say.

  4. Otepoti

    What, Glen, they didn't cover the Oxford Movement at Oakhill?


    Actually when I read Wiki, I seem to have misunderstood his position a bit. He was himself a lot less bells 'n smells than some of his followers.

    Codepoke - I laughed aloud at Ashtari.

  5. Glen

    No didn't really cover the Oxford movement on any of the courses I took. Spose I should. It might help me to understand my Anglo-Catholic colleagues. Though I'll have to bone up on it quick. Before they make a Roman movement.

  6. Glen

    No - we 'rebooted' that game for a very good reason!

    And in my neck of the woods they talk about 'crossing the alps' - but unfortunately I don't think they're headed for Geneva.

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