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Bobby McFerrin is my kinda cool

Doug Wilson's reminded me of my love for Bobby McFerrin.  The man is just awesome.  I even do the chest-slapping human drum thing too.  People tell me it looks lame and sounds nothing like Bobby.  I tell them 'Envy rots the bones' (Prov 14:30).

Anyway, here's three videos demonstrating the brilliance of McFerrin and the wonder of congregational singing.  Pity the middle one is idolatry!


Thought so.



0 thoughts on “Bobby McFerrin is my kinda cool

  1. Missy


    This illustrates why I think music is so integral to worship. There's something in our collective neurons that become united in song.

    This made me very happy today, Glen. Thank you!

  2. Glen

    Yup. Corporate singing is pretty amazing. And it's cool that the man who can sing about 4 parts at once is actually into getting others to sing with him. (He's a Christian too I think!)

  3. codepoke

    Brilliant stuff. I loved it the first time I saw what he was doing, and still do.

    One would think after a single viewing of these clips, call/response would become a norm for worship but somehow it doesn't happen.

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