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All who hate Me love death

Matthew Parris writes here the very embodiment of Proverbs 8:36

Suicide is the greatest of human freedoms, underwriting all the others, for it gives us the possibility of defying every thing and every one there is. The possibility of suicide is what makes life voluntary and each new day an act of will. No wonder the faith community gnash their teeth at suicide. God Himself, if He existed, would gnash His teeth at suicide: the supreme act of defiance, the final raspberry. The knowledge that I’m here by choice, that every breath I take I take by choice, injects into my soul a transcendent joy. That we can let go whenever we want is for me the deepest sort of thrill.



5 thoughts on “All who hate Me love death

  1. Joseph O Gardner

    Christ may be the truth but there are few who really believe that and the greatest majority of those are church goers and elders in church. I will give two examples Marquette missionary church, who asked me to leave because I dared to fall in love with a girl {true love not limited by lust and what she could do for me or what i could get form her or how she would have to change or what she would have to do. but just be herself because I love her. } I have a bad past some my fault the rest a lie that people choose to believe, and so they did the Christian thing to do throw me out. Going against everything they spout on Sunday and Thursday and any other day that they meet to say what Christ death was for. I lived my life a a witness of His life and with out effort because its the truth. But they seem to think Christianity is just a club and that the word mean nothing and not to be lived.

    the other example Is Waters Edge in Marquette because my passed made three people uncomfortable nothing more I was embarrassed and abused and told once always and never anything else. Christ seems to have died for nothing because the elders of churches think that the teachings are just something that can be dis-guarded anytime they want because they are inconvenient. Hail the Church of comvenience long live comfort , Christ Who?

  2. Glen

    Hi Joseph,

    I was thinking about this verse the other day:

    "I pray that you... may have power together with all the saints to grasp... the love of Christ." (Eph 3:17-18)

    That's my prayer for you Joseph. That you would find the blessings of that 'together with all the saints' bit.

    Church can disappoint us and hurt us. Christians will hurt us more than anyone else because they are closer than anyone else - closer than blood even. But for that very reason we can never give up on the body of Christ. They have a responsibility to speak into our souls and we into theirs and it will be very uncomfortable at times. But that's the way it must be. We know Jesus "together with all the saints". I pray you will find and submit to and enjoy Christian fellowship where you are.

    your brother in Jesus,

  3. James A. Farmer

    Is this another blatant example of church abuse on the part of the
    elders and church leadership? I live in Ashland, Oregon so am far
    removed from this scenario. However, it has been my observation over the years and decades how single heterosexual men in the Body
    of Christ tend to be treated by church leadership. The leadership in
    many churches tend to be very prejudiced and judgemental towards
    single males! Too, they will take the word of the woman against the
    man everytime and subject him to their version of a kangaroo court!
    Most churches of course will deny this! Perhaps my own Tuesday,
    March 9th, 2010 commentary via the Ashland Daily Tidings titled,
    "Putting church abuse into perspective" at
    states my case. Enter "Search Daily Tidings."

  4. James A. Farmer

    To Glen: Your'e question is right. My comments don't relate to
    euthansia and suicide. I agree Satan is the author of suicide and
    that Jesus is the author of life. It's also true about abortion which
    historically was embraced as a tool of the totalitarian/collectivist
    socialist state via the Communists, Bolsheviks, Nazis, and Fascists.

    My contention is how single heterosexual males tend to be treated
    in our churches, and the women favored by those in leadership. Now
    this isn't an issue in all churches, only some. This is why I allude to
    my Tuesday, March 9th Ashland Daily Tidings commentary.

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