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Passover is…

... the ultimate plague (i.e. judgement)  (Ex 11:1)

... judgement upon the gods (Ex 12:12)

... the defeat of the Enemy (Ex 6:1)

... liberation from slavery to overlords (Ex 13:14)

... liberation to the service of the LORD (Ex 8:1)

... the cause of unparalleled sorrow for the enemies (Ex 11:6)

... the cause of great joy for the redeemed (2 Chron 30:21)

... the distinction between the LORD's people and the world (Ex 11:7)

... in darkness (Deut 16:6)

... a sacrifice (Ex 12:27)

... substitutionary (Ex 12:13)

... bloody (Ex 12:13)

... a sign for the LORD's people (Ex 12:13)

... for the LORD Himself to see (Ex 12:13)

... to be memorialized in perpetuity (Ex 12:14)

... community-defining (Ex 12:47)

... open to non-covenant people (Ex 12:49)  but...

... for those who enter the covenant and own its sign (Ex 12:48)

... time renewing (Ex 12:1)

... the ultimate revelation of the LORD (Ex 6:7)

 Any more??


What is the cross?  The same.


0 thoughts on “Passover is…

  1. dave bish


    And lots of Exodus which is great.
    What I'm after is someone to do something Christocentric with Exodus 18 cos I've got 2 weeks before I have to try do that for our church...

    Any ideas how to hit that one?

  2. Glen

    Not much wisdom on that particular chapter - you'll have to show the way!

    But I am about to post something on Jesus in Exodus soon.

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