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Spend 40 hours learning Hebrew

I think Hebrew is cool

I've also voiced the opinion that bible teachers can and, if possible, should learn some.   At that point I said a hundred hours would not be an unreasonable investment of time.

Well here's a 40 hour course.  Twenty lessons, one hour of homework a week.

It uses this textbook which has a CD-ROM with answers to homework exercises. 

Thanks to Ros for flagging this up.  I don't know the text book or the website but I know she's a great linguist so this is worth following up if you're keen.



0 thoughts on “Spend 40 hours learning Hebrew

  1. Terry

    The Messianic Congregation up the road from us offered a 2 weekend crash course in Hebrew.

    At first scary, but then it was a lot of fun to learn something so different from the Latin based languages I'm familiar with.

    Thank you for mentioning this resource!

  2. Rich Owen



    Oh, alright then. This looks good Glen. Thanks.

    Terry, Marc - as it happens, I've been in touch with our local Messianic Rabbi - hoping for exactly that, but don't tell Glen I want to learn Hebrew cause he'll only say I told you so!

  3. codepoke

    Bummer. I was thinking you were recommending a course, and I've kept this post bookmarked since it was written for such a time as I had time. But this does not seem to be a course. It's a syllabus to guide a hypothetical instructor through a condensed process of teaching Hebrew. I don't think I'm qualified to self-teach on this one.

    Thanks for the thought, though.

  4. Glen

    The one good thing is that the Hebrew textbook has answers for the homework. It wouldn't be impossible to do by yourself. And might be quite fun to try with another keen learner? Otherwise I'm sure there are online courses, I wouldn't know what to recommend though.

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