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A good infection

Have you ever heard or ever spoken about Christ's cleansing of lepers?  Have you ever heard it said that, in the OT, you never got a good infection, only a bad one?  In other words the teaching says - holiness and cleanness never travels to the unholy/unclean thing.  Instead it's always the unholy/unclean thing that defiles the holy/clean thing.  Ever heard that or said it?

I have.

The advantage is that then you can say 'But Jesus gives the world's first ever good infection.'  The disadvantage is that it's a damned dirty lie.

Exodus 29:37 - after the altar is purified, atoned for, christed and consecrated, whatever touches it shall become holy.

Exodus 30:22-33 - the sacred anointing oil christs (i.e. anoints) the tent of meeting, the ark, the table (and utensils), the lampstand (and its utensils), the altar of incense, the altar of burnt offering (plus utensils), the basin and its stand.  And just as Scripture says that anything that touches them becomes holy, it says to christ Aaron and his sons with it.  No ordinary person is to be anointed with this oil, only priests.

Leviticus 6:18,27 - the priests' sin and grain offerings will both make something holy if it touches them.

So it's far better to say that there are rare occasions on which the unholy can receive a good infection.  The altar, certain anointed ones and certain sacrifices can make something holy.

So if you want to be made holy come to the cross, come to The Anointed One, come to His priestly sacrifice.  There you will receive a good infection.  As He receives a bad one.


0 thoughts on “A good infection

  1. Marc Lloyd

    And also of course, Jesus is the new Temple with new access requirememts. No lepper could come to the Temple, only the HP could come to the H of H, etc. whereas by faith this lepper can come to Christ.

  2. Glen

    Good point on access to Jesus.

    But don't you think there is a transfer of uncleanness on a parallel with how sinners are identified with the sacrifices through laying on hands? In being cursed, becoming sin, and being crucified outside the camp doesn't Jesus become unclean on the cross?

  3. Marc Lloyd

    Yes, okay, so Jesus becomes unclean and then clean on the cross. Presumably he is not unclean from the time he meets the lepper to the hour when "It is Finished"?

    Jesus' sacrifice would be unlike the HPs sacrifices in making him clean for ever. Jesus had no sin / uncleaness of his own from himself to deal with ala Hebrews.

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