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David and Goliath sermons



Preached on 1 Samuel 17 twice today.  I tried to make them fairly different (for all the twicers).

The morning was a more detailed look at the text (audio).

The evening was a bit more drawing out some implications (audio).

A lot of this first saw light of day in this series: Five Smooth Stones.


0 thoughts on “David and Goliath sermons

  1. janet

    this picture needs color. i dont really like it
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  2. Vincent


    if goliath is King ? No..

    This Picture shows like he is a king..

    I dont like this

  3. William

    I have used this illustration several times in the past when presenting Bible studies on the subject of David's life, reign, and the lineage of Jesus. When projected in its original color (sepia) it has an added drama that is lost in color reditions. You get the full scope and feel of a dusty desert battle ground.
    It is also a favorite of mine because the proportions are more correct in this art piece than any I have encountered in my research. By our modern standards, Goliath would be at home at any Sunday afternoon pro football game, and the ancient Hebrews (with the exception of Samson perhaps) were not a race of large statue. And of course David was a teenager!
    While some may feel Goliath is depicted as a king, his armoured attire to me suggests that of a tribal leader. This is probable because most ancient armies were allied tribes brought together by one central leader or purpose. One commentary writer suggested that Goliath was a mercenary employed especially to intimidate the Israelites.

    May you continue to be blessed through your service to our Lord Jesus Christ! wka

  4. Greis

    Hi Glen,
    I just wanted to say that I liked your sermon more than the picture, hahahaha. Keep preaching the truth brother and may we all continue to ask the question when we approach any passage of the Bible "How does this testify to Christ?" because it's about Him and not about us.

  5. Glen

    Hey - thanks Greis. I get a lot of people stumbling on the blog searching for this image. So I'm glad you stuck around to hear the message too.

    And yes - it is all about Jesus. (That's the basic point of this blog too).

    in Him


  6. Greis

    I read 1Sam 17 today and decided I'd do a google search (can't recall exact wording) "David and Goliath reformed Christ Satan sermonaudio" and you came up so there is how I "stumbled" :). Looking forward to reading more from your blog and website. is a site I also like. I'm sure you've probably been to it before, if not then you'll find it beneficial. Keep up the good work, Glenn!

  7. Glen

    That's great Luis - Jesus is our great Champion - He wins the battle for us! I hope that gives you hope and courage in your daily walk with Him.


  8. matthew

    dear glen,
    i love this piece of art, it demostates the strain of david. and i love the story behind this piece. it gives hope to all "underdogs".
    i was wondering if you would mind if i did a piece of art similar to this for a school project. i would change a few aspects, but probably have a similar feel to it. and add color andsymbolism to fill requirements for class.
    i wanted to get your permission before i used aspects of you art.

    god bless. matthew.

  9. Glen

    Hi Matthew,
    I didn't actually draw this. I never found out where it came from originally. I've updated the post with where I got it from - but they don't seem to know either!

    But it is good isn't it!?

    If you find out its origin, do let me know.

    God bless,


  10. Matthew

    dear glen,
    yeah, I love this piece, especcially the background, and the scene. to me it seems that not only is David conquering goliath, but the phillistines as well.. a true underdog
    ? I'd hate to take it without their permission, but it is a large part of my project. do you think I can still use aspects of the piece without the original artists drawing?
    god bless. Matthew.

  11. Dawod

    Christians and Jews are cowards and traitors
    Christians refused to fight against Romans and Jews in order to serve God and obey Jesus
    Jews have refused to fight alongside Moses and David against Pharaoh and later against Goliath
    They preferred to submit to Romans empire and to their Jewish traitors enemy of God.
    Together they give birth to a community of bastards who gave birth to the contemporary Roman Zionist empire, a terrorist and criminal empire, the NATO coalition.
    But the worst is the story you've invented in order to conceal and disguise your Universal hypocrisy and the heinous crimes committed against St John the Baptist St Zachary and St Jesus son of holy Maryam.
    This anecdotal story told that Jesus died for the sins of mankind !!! what a joke !!!
    my 2 questions are :
    since when a God dies ?
    if we suppose that your God is dead !
    but who is the murderer of your God then
    let me tell you humans are the dumbest on the planet

  12. Glen

    Hi Dawod,
    You're right that Jesus is a very different God to all the other gods.
    He said 'I am the Good Shepherd, the Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.' (John 10:11)
    This is what it truly means to be God - to *give* His life.
    He's given for you too Dawod. If you want to keep talking I'd be glad to answer your questions.


  13. paul

    whichever the case we need to appreciate what Jesus did at Calvary and what we ought o do now is to get in to the battle field and fight.

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