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0 thoughts on “And the winner is….?

  1. Otepoti

    Hilarious, but is it photo-shopped?

    I'm suspecting so - a photo-shopper is much more likely than a presbyterian to mis-spell "catholicism" !

    Yours in presbyterianism,


  2. Otepoti

    I don't have a dog in this fight - I'm a cat person.

    That appeal to the owners of pet rocks is shameless.

  3. Otepoti

    So if I spot the fake via the text, and you spot the fake via the cars in the background, does that make me a text critic and you a form critic?

  4. glenscriv

    Very good Jocelyn! And I suppose the person who spotted that the sun was in the same position for each could be a redaction critic (noting how the pictures are woven together). And the web hacker who found the original website would be the source critic.

    If the Lord punishes me by ever making me teach text criticism I'll know what illustrations to use!

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