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Worship to honour the Lord

Perhaps most ironic of all is the worship leader's opening prayer - a desire to honour the Lord.

Suggestions please for the absolute worst aspect of these ten minutes.  There'll be some competition I tell ya.



"Jack Black's" hair-do

The sock spinning

"Everybody!  You're not spinning anything!"

The song!

"Hands in the air like you just don't care"

"The Holy Ghost Hoedown"

Starting a love train

"Mess us up! Mess us up! Mess us up!"

The 2Unlimited synth solo at 8:10

"Give Him Glory"

"We love the Lordy"

If anyone's speechless, just leave the comments form blank.


0 thoughts on “Worship to honour the Lord

  1. Missy

    Oh, no! I barely made it past the thought of removing my shoes in a public place - THEN take off the nasty sock and swing it around?

    I just assume if ground is holy enough to remove the shoe it is too holy to spin the sock.

  2. Paul Huxley

    The 60Hz hum?

    The length?

    When did 'Air' get its second syllable?

    Are you sure it's not Mrs Up? I assumed he was talking about a Roger Hargreaves character.

    The poor guys at the front look exhausted at the end. Even some/most of the crowd (word chosen carefully) think it's stupid.

    A user review of one of this guy's albums says:

    "WOW. This is a prophetic word for a generation dying to have us THE CHURCH breathe LIFE into dry bones. This is a rare gem of prophetic worship and declarations. It stirs me up!"

    So he spins, he stirs... well, cover me in eggs and flour and bake me for fourty minutes.

  3. Tim V-B

    The liturgical dancers up the front.
    Hairband guy in the front row.
    The trendy use of 'ya' instead of 'you'. Oh wait, that's the blog author... ;-)

  4. glenscriv

    =) hilarious!

    Now for the prizes:

    In at Number 3: the album review.

    The silver medal goes to: "When did ‘Air’ get its second syllable?"

    And it was a close run thing but my personal favourite is: "if ground is holy enough to remove the shoe it is too holy to spin the sock."

    Words to live by.

  5. Tim

    I thought the drummer looked like Terry Nutkins from TV's animal magic (wonder what ever happened to him and his pet seal?) until I realised that it was white hair dye rather than early onset balding.

    We all Lordy don't we? That Eurovison win was great!

  6. glenscriv

    Just watched it again (been a long day, this was just the tonic!) VBs absolutely right: The hairband guy is priceless.

    The layers. The layers. Dumbfounded.

  7. Marc Lloyd

    Extraordinary. I can't decide whether I think its laughable or blasphemous or both. I'm amazed that there are so many people there and that they stayed for such lunacy. To my mind the case for the BCP and exclusive Psalmody was just strengthened 10-fold!

  8. Missy

    So, I just got back to watching the rest of this. Mr. Right had to signal me to return after the sock removal so I was not distracted.

    Based on the evidences (and the hairband was an obvious one), we believe this is actually a Christian exercise video.

    Have we in the US been seriously misled to believe that "air" IS a two-syllable word in the UK? We've been told it is 3 in Australia.

  9. glenscriv

    no - one syllable in UK. and in Australia (or 'Straya as we say) we like to economize on articulation. in fact it barely even has a consonant in 'Straya.

    think misquito noise

  10. timothycairns

    For those who want more fundamentalist youth rock try this:

    [media url=]

    Jesus is like a mounty he always gets his man!

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