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The Crib and the Cross

I've just preached on Hebrews 2 this Sunday.  "He shared in their humanity so that by His death..."  Or again, "He had to be made like His brothers... in order that He might make atonement." (v14,17)


Or to quote Kim Fabricius' provocative post: "The crib and the cross are cut from the same wood."


See the crib and you've seen the cross ahead of time.  You've seen a Man falling, there's only one outcome possible.


Anyway, it got me waxing lyrical.  Not finished, but here's a sketch of a poem:


God in a manger
Defenceless, enfleshed
Immanuel crying
And fighting for breath

God in a manger
Wriggling and raw
Laid out on the wood
Enthroned on the straw

God at Golgotha
Pierced in His flesh
Immanuel crying
And fighting for breath

God at Golgotha
Forsaken and lost
Stretched out on the wood
Enthroned on the cross


You can read/hear the sermon here.


Anyway, probably won't get a chance to blog for the next week, so let me wish you all a blessed Christmas

May we in darkness rejoice in our Glorious Light.


5 thoughts on “The Crib and the Cross

  1. kc

    Glen I could ask for no better gift this morning than the blessings I received while listening to your sermon. What a great presentation of the Gospel and what a wonderful way for me to begin this Christmas day!

    I can only imagine the vast difference in the environment where you preached this message but if I close my eyes I can easily imagine it being preached in any good Independent Baptist congregation! (hehe) The poem is awesome as well!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours from across the pond and may God richly bless you and your ministry in the coming year.

  2. Glen

    Thanks KC,

    Just at an internet cafe in Belfast where my wife's family live.
    Thanks very much for the encouragement. Good to know the Gospel translates *even* into the Baptist world!
    In the Name of Immanuel!

  3. Bobby Grow

    Hi Glen,

    Well I purchase my voice recognition software and this is my second comment using it. You have posted an excellent piece here, keep them coming.

    I will be posting on Barth and his perspective on election. I will look forward to getting your feedback on this, yours to Casey.

    In Christ,

    Bobby Grow

  4. glenscriv

    Thanks Bobby,
    People seem to respond to the cat analogy - Christ laying hold of us to deliver us. Only have a minute to spare at the moment. Love to comment on your Barth stuff and especially your latest 'Grace' post. Great stuff - grace is a Person! Amen. I'll have to comment later on though. Must press on. God bless.

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