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Muhammed. Darwin. Jesus. Mao. The State. The Free Market. Each can produce extremists, right? So think: whose radicals harm? Whose help?

If the West can't see IS as theological maybe it's cos their eg of religion (the western church) is so untheological.

Part of why the west only deals in political/cultural/psychological motivations is cos the western church has only dealt in those.

Sometimes debates about atonement sound like a skirmish at the temple over which sacrifice is more important. All the while Aaron's ignored

In the Sumerian myths, humanity was created in order to feed the gods. In the Bible, God makes Himself food for us (John 6:51)

Recently I was in a service where we repeatedly sang to God "Consume me." I'm glad for a worship tradition centred on consuming Him.

Jesus said "You must be born again." He didn't say you must know when it happened. And He definitely didn't point u to your own experiences

The two lies Twitter whispers: 1. Send that snarky comment now, you won't regret it. 2. Send that deep thought later, you will remember it.

Repentance and faith are not two hurdles to jump, more like two sides of the same coin. And that coin - Christ Himself - is given to us.

There really is no "salvation" in the Quran. There are only the "successful" and the "losers".

"The Father is never without the Son, for it is impossible that glory should be without radiance or the lamp without brightness." -Nyssa

Sin disqualifies you from praying like sickness disqualifies you from the doctor. (Mark2:17) We come to Christ *in* our need.

1 Proclaim the gospel as subversive of "religion"
2 Wait 5 secs til someone quotes Jam1:27; 1Tim5:4
3 READ those verses
(No-one ever does 3)

Nothing subverts "religion" like James 1:27 and 1 Timothy 5:4. They say: "Wanna see our "religion"? Check out our orphan care."

So essentially the only 2 references to religion in the whole Bible are utterly subversive of the idea of "religion" as commonly understood.

Dear Christmas Preacher, ur right "Jesus didn't stay in the manger." But the point is not that "He grew up" it's that "He descended further"

Christmas preaching - maybe even more than Easter preaching - sorts out theologians of glory from theologians of the cross.

You have come into a sizeable inheritance. -- The New Testament

The Quran could have done with a strong editor. And maybe a narrative arc. In fact just a narrative would have helped.

Learn from history's central figure, hear the world's bestseller, see humanity's largest sociological movement, pray, drink tea. #trychurch

Jesus: the eternal RADIANCE of the ever-shining Glory; The eternal WORD of the ever-speaking Father; The eternal SON of the ever-living God. 

The love that God IS (1 John 4:8)...
is the love that came down at Christmas (v9)...
and is now ours through the cross (v10)

When John asks us to picture "God is love", he doesn't give us a heavenly group hug but a crib and a cross.

Knowingly or unknowingly, every proposer / opponent of bombing is standing on the Bible. Just War vs Pacifism is a deeply Christian debate.

Preach 4 decision=>communities of the strong whose zeal needs fortifying
Offer Christ=>communities of the weak whose faith needs feeding

Atonement is extremely limited. It's in Christ alone. But in Him there's all the forgiveness in the world.

Most folks' reaction to a baby: "Who's a clever boy?" The wise men worshipped. So were they wise? Answering that Q is the heart of Christmas

You don't have to feel forgiven. At times all you can do is look to Jesus - guilty sinner that you are - and let Him be your righteousness.

You don't have to feel hopeful. At times all you can do is look to Jesus - in the midst of your despair - and let Him hope for you.

Church leaders are shepherds. "The professionals" are like vets. Vets can be life-savers. But shepherds always maintain their pastoral care.

Learn contentment where UR;
Accept it as a gift;
There's an evangelistic purpose;
Ultimately UR free
Love&do what u want;
Not long now

The virgin birth: because man cannot make a Messiah.

Virgin birth in atheism: a cosmos from nothing
Xity: Jesus from Mary
Life from non-life in atheism: abiogenesis
Xity: Jesus from the tomb

Christ is Pictured, Present and Promised in the OT. Eg Gen 22: Pictured in Isaac, Present as the Angel, Promised as the Seed

Another eg... Genesis 3 Present: The Voice of the LORD God walking... Pictured: The clothes of skin Promised: The Serpent crushing Seed.

Another eg... Exodus 3
PRESENT: The Angel of the LORD; The I AM
PICTURED: The burning (but not consumed) bush

Christ in Isaiah 6
PRESENT: The appearing LORD (Jn12:41)
PICTURED: the fiery coals of atonement
PROMISED: the Holy Seed beyond exile.

Some Christians refuse to see OT theophanies as, specifically, christophanies *because of the trinity*. This confuses and concerns me >

< Trinity means we can be certain who the appearing LORD is (John1:18). He is the Only Son - as the fathers unanimously testified till Aug.>

<Beyond the Fathers let's heed Calvin, Owen & Edwards: LINK. Christ is THE Image of the invisible God


Culture wars: Luke 15 without the father.

We're all self-justifiers: living by law; judging others by that law. In this sense there are no licentious people, only brands of legalism.

Exhibit A: Twitter Outrage™

Last Christmas, I gave Him my heart,
But the very next day, I gave it again.

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