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Tweets for your reading pleasure

Groaning under the weight of your “sacrifices” 4 the gospel? Don’t think sacrifice, think sound investment (Mark 10:29-30) #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelism is not a bread-crumb-trail leading non-Christians into our clutches. It's offering Bread.

Sin is not so much God's No to our Yes. Far more deeply it's our No to God's Yes.

"The Bible is for the simple. Clever people invent explanations that only the clever are stupid enough to believe." Peter Williams #ELF2015

"My wife says 'I've been for a walk,' I don't reply 'Can you verify that?' We are called to *trust* God in His word not prove Him." #ELF2015

Scripture is written with stumbling blocks in it. Such that, if you think ur smart u need to become simple in order to understand. #ELF2015

None of the reformers had archaeology. The oldest Hebrew manuscript Calvin had was about 11th century. Luther had 12th C Greek mss. #ELF2015

The Reformers had no trouble trusting in God's word. They trusted without the masses of confirmations we've found in archaeology #ELF2015

Scripture is written with stumbling blocks in it. Such that, if you think ur smart u need to become simple in order to understand. #ELF2015

"God may speak in your heart but how are you going to be able to discern that unless you are a student of His word" Peter Williams #ELF2015

‘In the shadow of your wings I take refuge til the storm has passed.’ (Ps57) The storm will pass and the refuge is secure. #EnjoyYourDay

If u think there’s a necessary trade-off between creative, well-made Christian media & gospel faithfulness u probably have an ugly gospel.

Faith is not a muscle you flex it's an empty hand receiving. You know what flexing an empty hand gives you? A clenched fist

Talk about a rapper with a split personality: Nestorious BIG

Yes they’re angry but push beneath & find desperation for control, then fear, then shame. Under it all: a naked sinner crying out 2b covered

Queuing at airport. Notice the guy in front's Twitter feed: BBC NEWS, BBC NEWS, CNN, REUTERS, BBC NEWS. Is that how grownups do it?

UR a member of Christ; 1spirit w Him; purchased by His blood; sharing in His resurrection; a temple of His Holy Spirit #1Cor6 #EnjoyYourDay

Your connection with God is Not up to yr prayers or yr piety. It’s up to yr Priest. And He ever lives to intercede 4u #EnjoyYourDay

Emma: Was that the baby waking?
Glen: Didn't hear.
E: Must be my mummy superpower. You can't hear her?
G: That's my daddy superpower.

Most sermon series on Exodus
Ex1-3: Yahweh's big
4-7: Yahweh's big
8-11: Yahweh's big
13: Yahweh's big

What kind of God is He? The kind that puts everything on hold because a woman in need tugs at His shirt. #Jesus #Mark5 #EnjoyYourDay

God is pulling all things through the cross and out the empty tomb #EnjoyYourDay

Two convictions from #Matthew6 to get us praying:
This is your Father's world;
You are your Father's child.

Receive each word ‘our Light&Momentary Troubles Are Achieving For Us an Eternal Weight of Glory that Far Outweighs them All’ #EnjoyYourDay

So your deliverance ministry leaves people feeling insecure, accused & doubting Christ's Lordship. Tell me more about how Spirit-led you are.

Want to reboot your life? Hold your nose while depressing your belly-button for 5 seconds. Failing that, try Jesus: 2Cor5:17 #EnjoyYourDay

"I had rather plant 1 seed of the life of Christ under the crust of heathen life than cover it over with vestiture of Western civilization." (Robert Speer)

Jesus is your salvation, your clothing, your food, yr shelter, yr reputation. Now those r taken care of, what do u want 2 do? #EnjoyYourDay

Are you a Christian? Luke 15 tells you your standing: weak and welcomed, wretched and robed, stinking and celebrated. #EnjoyYourDay

The most you can ever mean when you sing "I surrender all" is "I surrender me." But - reality check - You ain't all. Christ surrendered ALL

God worked a universe out of nothing, He reworked it out of sin, death and curse. I reckon He can do something with you. #EnjoyYourDay

What was Adam's garden work? Naming the old creation. What's our work as members of the Second Adam? Naming the new creation, i.e. preaching

Faith does not activate the gospel, the gospel activates faith.

Is bad grammar getting you down? Their their.

If telemarketers cold call me I usually throw the phone across the room. Sorry, it's just one of my hangups.

Thanks for your manicuring advice, I'll file it away.

My whole life’s a mistake. Even my blood’s a typo.

Why is 'cooking the books' bad? Cos there's no accounting for taste.

- You said you'd work in my restaurant last night?
- I said I can’t wait!

Découpage selfies? I'm not cut out for them.

To give up thinking is expensive.

That fire needs extinguishing. Just putting it out there.

I don't like leather hats. Got no head for hides.

Those are textbook hems! A real turn-up for the books.

Austerity in the health service means cutting coroners :-/

Britain is so sceptical it defies belief.

It's muggy today. Been robbed twice already.

2 thoughts on “Tweets for your reading pleasure

  1. anne

    I thought they were [mostly] alright. Some were brilliant and others were too obscure and I didn't get them at all! Like the sausage one

  2. Brian Midmore

    I quite liked the one about faith not being a clenched fist. This is in the context of receiving from God. If we read Heb 11 we find that faith evokes action and so the passive receiving idea doesn't work so well.

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