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God is Joy – Ps 45:7; John 15:11; 1 Tim 1:11. #EnjoyYourDay

OTOH Outgoing Trinity Originates History
ISTM Initial Sin Topples Man
LOL Lord Offers Life
ICYMI InChrist Youre Made Immortal

Being Trinitarian without being explicitly Christ-focused is like writing an Ode to Love with no-one in mind.

You say "Sold out for Jesus", I say "Purchased in full."

Human nature isn’t atomistic, it’s Adamistic

The pressure’s off: you don’t need to be right. In fact it’s pretty important that you’re wrong. Tell God and #EnjoyYourDay

“Christ has married us, redeemed us from every evil and adorned us with all His goodness.” #Luther #EnjoyYourDay

Our constant fear: if we're known we won't be loved. But John10:14-15, we are seen to the depths & loved to eternity #EnjoyYourDay

The Word became flesh and remains flesh. He has pledged His life, His future, His very being to us forevermore. #EnjoyYourDay

To enter the kingdom you must become like great warriors? Bible experts? Sinless saints? No - little children. Matt18:3 #EnjoyYourDay

#Ps32 All transgressions forgiven&sins covered. Hidden in Christ. Protected from trouble. Surrounded by songs of deliverance #EnjoyYourDay

In the Bible the empty tomb isn't so much about proving God's entrance into human affairs. It's announcing Man's entrance into God's affairs

God’s 7-fold promise to His enslaved people: I will unburden, free, redeem, possess, protect, deliver & lavish you. #Exodus6 #EnjoyYourDay

Don't fear: I'm with u. Dont be dismayed: I'm yr God. I'll strengthen&help u; I'll uphold u with my righteous Right Hand #Is41 #EnjoyYourDay

I know it's popular to say that gospel transformation is "inside-out" but give me an external gospel word any day.

In the Bible, saying "I don't love my wife" is a confession & u should repent of such sin. Today, it's an excuse 4 u2 repent of the marriage

[Marriage Guidance Today]
-But do u love her?
-I don't know anymore

[Marriage Guidance in the Bible]
-I don't know if I love her
-Then do!

“Whoever comes to me I will NEVER cast away.” (John 6:37) #Promise #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus: Self-abasing Slave & Sacrificial Lamb - HE reveals the name and nature of God. #nogodlikeHim #Phil2 #EnjoyYourDay

In #Matthew14, Jesus “begins to” let Peter sink. But “immediately” He responds to his cry. #EnjoyYourDay

Free will lies on the far side of free grace.

Through the cross (Ps 22:1-21), Jesus becomes your Priest (v22-31). First He bears yr sin, then He bears u b4 the Father #EnjoyYourDay

Vote, but remember that our Man is already on the true seat of power. Just, Gentle, Wiser than Solomon, Beyond reproach & ONE OF US! #EnjoyYourDay

Because of resurrection, the worst thing is never the last thing. #EnjoyYourDay

My desire to overcome sins:
70% 'to prop up my view of me / yr view of me';
15% 'to avoid humbling myself';
10% 'to manage w/o God's grace'

This is why repentance has to be a gift. It's not our new life offered to God but His new life offered to us even in all our mixed motives.

'Nature' does not encourage a 'natural' approach to God. Creation is a preacher, heralding words from on high. (Psalm 19:1ff; Romans 10:17f)

"To one who does not work but trusts God who justifies the ungodly their faith is credited as righteousness." Rom5:5 #EnjoyYourDay

1Cor1:2 Dear Christian, you are set apart as special by Jesus Christ and called holy in Him. In other words, You're a saint #EnjoyYourDay

"Your people will be my people and your God will be my God" (Ruth 1:16). If that's conversion, what should evangelism look like?

"Come home, all is forgiven. Love, your Dad."
-- 2 Corinthians 5:19-20 paraphrase

Many people seek 'God' but no-one seeks the God of the cross.

The cross upholds God's sovereignty.

I believe in the existence of angels, you believe 'death really aint so bad'. Which is the fairytale belief?

The world's heaven is heaven's hell #Romans1

All you've ever got is Christ's righteousness. All you ever need is Christ's righteousness. #EnjoyYourDay

It's not: 'law=duty / gospel=love'
It's: 'law = your loving duty for the Lord / gospel = the Lord's loving duty for you.'

"It's all about u" - world
"It's not about u, it's about Jesus" - law.
"It's not about u, it's about Jesus FOR YOU" - gospel (ht @IssuesEtc)

#Isaiah25 Salvation = shame removed, death swallowed up, tears wiped away & global feasting with Christ #EnjoyYourDay

If someone's forgiven you a major debt you've gotta be some kind of jerk to insist 'it wasn't so bad really'. #selfjustification

Dear reader, I am that kind of jerk.

#Lev17 Jesus says: "My Life is in the blood and I have given it to you to make atonement." He holds nothing back. #EnjoyYourDay

- Does money make the world go round?
- It certainly torques.

Knuckle sandwiches are fine. Just roll with the punches.

Their father managed. In Ireland that’s Pa for the Corrs.

Lucky S. Cape was a man of phew words.

That was, hands down, the worst hustings ever.

I could tell he went to public school. He had that harrowed look.

I tried playing the *bad* health lottery. Fat lotto good.

If I'm frank, when it comes to karaoke I get stuck in my ways.

Those Weight Watchers reps are real fast talkers.

My last minute selection for the Anaesthetists' World Cup is nice but I can't help thinking I'm only there to make up the numbers.

The Hindu Scriptures are basically untranslatable. What happens in Vedas stays in Vedas.

90% of success is just showing up. Unless you're a projectionist, in which case a variety of films is best.

I like the M6 but Spaghetti Junction's a major turnoff.

I didn't think my chiropractor could fix my posture but I stand corrected

The iCloud’s fine but Dropbox gets my backup

"Ah Bisto!" isn't the greatest slogan. It's just a stock phrase

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