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Feeling thirsty? Hungry? Spiritually empty? The sure mercies of Christ are yours: Isaiah 55 #EnjoyYourDay

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet (Rom 16:20). #EnjoyYourDay

Consent is a dumb *foundation* for morality. This guy consented to being set alight

Evangelism is not individuals shoving people through the front door.
It's the whole church family hospitably showing folks round the house.

God has given u His all – His very Heart – on the cross. He gave it while u were His enemy. What will He now withhold from u? #EnjoyYourDay

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation... Then I will teach transgressors your ways & sinners will turn to u" (Psalm 51) Restored to Reach

Pastor: Please feel Very free to wear Whatever u like when u preach. We're VERY relaxed.
Me: Cool, Dog collar it is.
Pastor: Errrr...

Does heaven seem closed to you? No, Jesus has torn it open & brought u Home: Luke 3:21; John 1:51; Heb 4:14; 6:19; Rev 4:1.#EnjoyYourDay

We tend to sneer at the older hymn writers for saying *Heaven* is our home. Maybe we should learn from them. Home is where Jesus is, right?

O surpassing lovingkindness!Christ received nails in His undefiled hands& &feet while on me without pain or toil He freely bestows salvation

Happy St Cyril's Day!

All things are yours – all theology, the whole world, the future – and you are Christ’s and Christ is God’s. 1 Cor 3:21-23 #EnjoyYourDay

God does not treat you as your sins deserve (Ps 103:10). He treats you as Christ’s righteousness deserves. (2 Cor 5:21) #EnjoyYourDay

"The one trying 2b a Christian is trying 2 hold on to something. The one who IS a Christian feels that they're being held by something." MLJ

Spring=just a taste of what's coming: "the desert shall blossom abundantly & rejoice with joy & singing." Is35 #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is not nice. He’s ferociously good, fiercely protective, jealously loving. His love is bloody. That’s why u can trust it #EnjoyYourDay

It's not "born sick, commanded to be well." (Christopher Hitchens). It's "born perishing, freely offered life."

Everyone knows that's a baby's position *physically* - the Christian says it's spiritually/morally true too

Rejecting original sin means embracing a magical dualism - that our spiritual state is detached from our perishing physical state.

Most objections to original sin assume an Adam&Moses paradigm, not Adam&Christ.

Monday’s not the 1st day of the week. It’s the day after you’ve received a massive Raise and a stunning Promotion. #EnjoyYourWeek

Some preach a consumer Christ; others respond by preaching a compulsory Christ. Better to preach a compelling Christ.

We don't *love* what's compulsory.
We love what's compelling.

“Who He is, we become. Where He is, we dwell. What He has, we inherit. What He’s done, we possess.” #UnionWithChrist #EnjoyYourDay

Don't feel Jesus in your heart? First know that you are on His. (Ex 28:29; Heb 7:25) #EnjoyYourDay

Nothing a resurrection won’t fix. #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelism is "supply-side" communication. The gospel creates its own demand

Put it another way - evangelism is, properly speaking, sowing. Not necessarily reaping.

Since evangelism means giving not getting it's vital that it springs from fullness, not need. In other words, we need Happy evangelists.

On RTing praise- isn't there a clear difference btw a fawning compliment and a tweet-length review of a resource u'd encourage folks to use?

I understand the distaste for broadcasting what ought to be a nice person-to-person moment of appreciation but I don't get the blanket bans

Some preachers of 'sin as idolatry' draw from a deep well of Augustinian affective theology. Others sound like they've read a paperback.

When 'sin as idolatry' is preached by the latter, the solution often comes across as a stoic resolve to engage our hearts Less.

Nothing against paperbacks just an observation that some idolatry-speak springs from deeply affective theology&some seems to say "Love LESS"

He came to a poor teenager, a northern backwater, a ravaged people. He came to diseased, dying, damned sinners. He’s for 4u #EnjoyYourDay

In Heb2:10-18 Christ's death = victory, liberation, propitiation&sympathy. Above all else it's our High Priest taking us thru death to glory

We lose a Lot of bible richness when we think only of propitiation - as though the slaughtered goat is all that's going on at Yom Kippur.

Some atonement debates sound like "Which animal is most important on the Day of Atonement?" when it's the High Priest Himself who is central

My future inheritance = Grandpa’s stamp collection. Oh, and the universe. Oh, and GOD! Yes GOD! (Romans 8:17) #EnjoyYourDay

Our lives are mist, smoke, breath, spilled water, evening shadow, fading flowers, homeless wandering. Any other powerful biblical images?

God prefers IN to THROUGH. We want salvation THROUGH Jesus, God offers it IN Him. We want God to work THROUGH us, He wants to work IN us.

Therefore there's something profoundly Christian about Kant's categorical imperative: to treat people as ends in themselves.

One thing Trinitarian theology does is to say that God has an IN relationship with Jesus before and beyond it being a THROUGH relationship.

Allah & Jehovah (of the JWs) treat Jesus as a means to other ends. No wonder their followers are similarly used not cherished in themselves

And likewise, those followers use their God for other ends. Only the triune God can prize others & be prized without it turning manipulative

Job 19: Not a Replacer, a Redeemer. Not in the clouds, on earth. Not as spirit but in my flesh “I will see Him.” #EnjoyYourDay

Only Jesus saves. When u do some comparative religion u realise that's not a narrow-minded statement of faith but a simple statement of fact

#WhatWouldGoggleboxThink is a pretty good exercise for a preacher. At least for gauging our level of communication with the wider world.

Did the sun come up this morning? Then God’s not going to break His covenant with your Royal Priest (Jer 33:14-22) #EnjoyYourDay

The Spirit is a deposit, guaranteeing your full redemption. And God aint gonna lose His deposit. #EnjoyYourDay

If you want to reach someone's heart - don't be surprised if, first, you get under their skin.

#1Sam16 Bad news: u’ve not been chosen as King. Good news: yr Brother has & He shares His royalty & victory with u #1Sam17 #EnjoyYourDay

At Christmas, preachers are - rightly - reminded that we must hold Christmas and Easter *together*. Three months on, it still holds true.

Easter is to be declared in the power of the Spirit (by word&sacrament).
It's not to be debated in the power of the flesh (by argument).

The difference between flesh and Spirit is not the difference between 'outer' and 'inner'.
Far more it's 'arrow up' versus 'arrow down.'

In this sense, Spiritual is much more about externals - the Word coming to us "extra nos".

"Grace alone by faith alone" applies as much to revelation as it does to salvation - because they are essentially the same thing (John 17:3)

What kind of God is broken apart so the wicked can feast on Him? What kind of God is poured out so you can drink? Your God #EnjoyYourDay

Typical! Today the skies are clear and I can't see the equinox anywhere! Can someone tell me where I'm sposed to be looking??

As the tribute band played Hoppipolla I thought "Close but no Sigur."

- I refuse to give estimates.
- Can I quote you on that?

Judas should have known - you can't Double cross the Son of God.

I asked my Picture Framers to make me some bespoke ones. They asked "How many?" I said "25 this second!" Boy did they get animated!

Phew! Survived Pamplona. Dodged a bullock there.

Off to the hunting world championships in Istanbul. Getting my game fez on.

- What qualifies you as 'a man with a van'?
- I’m an excellent note taker
- How does that help?
- I’m brilliant at so fa removal.

Hear the one about the pygmy baritone? It's a little bass.

She said “You have no sense and no cents.” Her arguments were always add homonym

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