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Talking snakes is one thing. Talking slime is really something else. Talking slime making fun of talking snakes is the real head-scratcher.

Christ, by His cross, is not an underwriter for sin. He's an underwriter for God's costly *forgiveness*. To *sin* He's an underTaker

Available, Life-giving, Devoured by the world, Broken for you: Jesus is the Bread of life. #EnjoyYourDay

The paedo-baptist position does rely on 2000 years of church tradition I admit. But those 2000 years were BC #Genesis17

The blood of Jesus turns away wrath, purifies from sin, cleanses yr conscience, brings u near 2 God & speaks in yr defence #EnjoyYourDay

Some sermons address "failing Christians" to improve them through the law.
Real preaching addresses *sinners* to raise them in the gospel.

The gospel does not make us "better Christians", it makes us *alive.*

Titus: Good churches = good leaders proclaiming good news that produces good lives which make the good news look good

Feeling suitably shriven today? God exalted Jesus to His right hand to *give* you repentance (Acts 5:31) #EnjoyYourDay

Through Jesus your sins are covered, carried and cancelled (Psalm 32:1-2). #EnjoyYourDay

Idea: A WordPress plugin that automatically closes blog comments after 2 weeks with the line "I don't know about u guys, I just love Jesus."

“I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:27). By His Spirit He is still among us. By His Spirit He still serves. #EnjoyYourDay

If ur not a Christian but looking into it, the question for you is not "Could I see myself as a Christian?" It's "Is Jesus actually Lord?"

"We all love Irenaeus's comment that the glory of God is a human fully alive. What we forget is that for Irenaeus that meant a martyr." Behr

The greatest saint needs the blood of God. The worst sinner can claim the blood of God. We all stand forgiven at the cross #EnjoyYourDay

In our evangelism, do we communicate that Jesus is the icing on our essentially theistic cake? Or is He the flour, eggs and butter?

Life: you never (know what you) have till you lose it.
-- Matt 10:39

Life: don't assume, presume or consume it.
Entomb it.
God will exhume it.

Real life is freely received / freely given.
As it was in the beginning,
Is now,
And shall be forever.

No-one who 'gives their life to God' should feel proud to have sacrificed - only privileged to have shared the life of eternity.

The way of the cross is not the costly price of eternal life, it's the glorious shape of it.

The one who takes up the cross does not hear "Well done for dying" but "Welcome to living!"

To focus on the Christ, the Son of God is to focus on the three Persons. In fact it is the *only* way to be Trinitarian.

Mission: Because God does not keep Himself to Himself.
#trinity #missiodei

You want to turn from Christ to concentrate on the Father? You may as well turn from the sunshine to concentrate on the sun.

Your God has gone to hell & back for you. Do you think He doesn’t love you? Hasn’t forgiven you? Won’t raise you to glory? #EnjoyYourDay

John Behr: According to Mark 8, Satan is whatever gets between Jesus and the cross.
Meaning Satan is the ultimate theologian of glory.

Life does not grind along according 2 impersonal laws. Yr Father plots, yr Brother reigns, His Spirit moves: minute by minute #EnjoyYourDay

Discernment means wisdom in the service of *love* (Phil1:9-11). We want to make better choices, Paul says pray for a bigger heart.

Far and away the most common word to describe Jesus’ feelings in the Gospels = “compassion”. ie gut-wrenching mercy #EnjoyYourDay

"I called on your name, LORD, from the depths of the pit." (Lamentations 3:55)
Or in other words...
"You had me at hell..." (Jerry M'aiah)

No-Pourri: Not to be sniffed at

Haven't heard from Blue Boy since the 90's. I guess when you lose your memory you don't get the gigs.

"I'm only happy when It. reigns." Caesar

If anyone wants some voodoo acupuncture just say, there's a doll

My daughter was born with a rye little smile so we called her Maisie

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