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I Did A Twee

RU in Christ? Yr sin is crucified forever, yr righteousness is raised eternally & UR ascended to God's right hand. 2Cor5:17-21 #EnjoyYourDay

"You're so obsessed with the Christ, the Son of God, but what about the other members of the Trinity?" <- said far too often

NB: We do not honour each person of the Trinity by providing equal air time for the Three. There is a way to honour God - with a capital W

My editor keeps writing "OUTSTANDING" in the margin of my manuscript. So kind considering all the corrections I need to make but haven... oh

Nothing's intractable. Nothing's a lost cause. Jesus said “My Father is at work to this day, and I too am working.” Jn5:17 #EnjoyYourDay

The God of Easter is not into repair so much as resurrection. Therefore death is not a diversion, it's the way.

I think Emma may be my favourite gospeller. Cant think of anyone else who uncovers our desperate need then offers Christ quite so powerfully

What holds the world together? Money? Power? The strong/weak nuclear force? No, the God-Man thru Peace-Making-Sacrifice #Col1 #EnjoyYourDay

Is it my imagination or are liturgical churches more able to hold diverse races/classes/personalities together - on a Sunday at least?

If so might it be that ditching liturgy doesn't so much reach 'the people' as reach 'the people like us'?

You are completely unnecessary but entirely loved. #EnjoyYourDay..

If Billy Graham had his time over he'd be an evangelical Anglican. But of course!

In Jesus, God is not on your back. He's at your side (Ps 16:8) #EnjoyYourDay

Painting the nursery. I hear Muslim designers make 1 deliberate mistake cos only Allah is perfect. Well I believe in total depravity so...

You won’t find gold chasing rainbows. But there’s a Golden One who wears the rainbow – Ez1:28 – He’s come to find you #EnjoyYourDay

Oxford's Professor of Church History says evangelicalism is all about "our choice for God." Unfortunately he's right

#ENGvSWI A Swiss goal here would please the neutrals

As the Father has loved Christ - eternally, paternally, unreservedly, unremittingly - so has Christ loved you. John15:9 #EnjoyYourDay

Faith = dependence. Therefore the "strongest" Christian is the one who feels their weakness the most.

Yr suffering is achieving what yr safety never cd: maturity (Rom5) in fellowship w Father (Heb12), Son (Phil3) &Spirit (Rom8) #EnjoyYourDay

Apologetics is like good works #wonderful
Apologetics is like good works #dreadful

Sound reasoning is a wonderful fruit of the gospel
Sound reasoning is a dreadful root for the gospel

'ALEXANDER ELLIOT ANDERSON SALMOND' is an anagram of: 'Eediot annexes land an' - Lo! - Drams roll!' And what have YOU done today?

In all your affliction He shares (Isaiah 63:9). With all His affection He cares (John 15:9). #EnjoyYourDay

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius is an anagram of S.A. CALL DOOR STORIES CRAP: I RUN!

On trial, he claimed he had two personas: Oscar Nestorius 


Jer33:15-21 If, this morning, the sun sinks back down into blackness then Christ's love can fail you. Otherwise... #Enjoyyourday

Jesus is the true expression of humanity. It's second nature to Him

Every blessing that belongs to Christ is yours. Every curse that belongs to you is His. #EnjoyYourDay

A spinal injuries nurse just told me: quadriplegics often cope far better than those with more minor injuries. They're grateful to be alive

Which story do we fit our own suffering into? "I was on the up until this setback..."? Or "I was headed for the pit until God..."?

Does yr listlessness, lovelessness or laziness disqualify u? No "Blessed are the poor in spirit 4 the kingdom belongs 2 them." #EnjoyYourDay

No matter what u've been called in the past, u have a new name in Jesus: Hephzibah. It means "My delight is in her" (Is62:1-4) #EnjoyYourDay

It’s important for someone to sit Wales down and say: “Scotland and England both love you very much. NONE of this is your fault.” #indyref

 John11: Martha got truth, Mary got tears, Lazarus got triumph. Jesus knows how to meet your needs #EnjoyYourDay

God's power + wisdom = a bleeding Sacrifice. Does that add up for you? Then you're being saved. 1Cor1 #EnjoyYourDay

In Jesus, your past cannot destroy you & your future cannot derail you. #EnjoyYouDay

God's love isn't a warm fuzzy, it's a blood sacrifice made 4u in all yr wickedness. So BE a sinner loved by Christ & #Enjoyyourday

Your Father warned you there'd be days like this. He also promised a Future Glory that far outweighs every ounce of suffering #EnjoyYouDay..

The Essence of Evangelism: "What do you make of Jesus? ...I know but what do you make of *Jesus*? ...Totally but what do you make of JESUS?"

A couple of paraphrases of 1 Peter 3:15 coming up... One is more faithful to the original than the other...

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason you're so darned cool, clever, credible AND Christian!"

"Always be prepared to tell people it's JESUS who got you through the hard times. Cos if u suffer well, clinging to Christ, people will ask"

Every tear wiped away. Death, mourning, crying & pain abolished. All creation renewed. Jesus face to face. #ComingSoon #Rev21 #EnjoyYourDay

Preached on "baptism saves you" this morning at Worthing Tab (1Pet3). Just preparing "Mary the mother of God" (Luke1) for tonight. #baplican

Very glad communion is the preacher's great safety net - proclaiming Jesus' death far better than we ever could.

Exaggeration is the deadliest of all sins. #NoExaggeration

As far as musical roles go, Yul Brynner isn't competitive. He knows it's all about the Thai king part

"lift our eyes to your Son
enthroned on Calvary;
and as we behold his meekness,
shatter our earthly pride;
for he is Lord for ever & ever."
-- Common Worship refrain after Psalm 2

In Christ you have peace, in the world you have trouble, but take heart: Christ has overcome the world. (Jn16:33) #EnjoyYourDay

#HeForShe rightly makes gender equality a male issue too. It rightly says stereotypes can enslave. But what Positively do our genders mean?

#HeForShe works when #He stands up for #She not when #He abandons #He-ness and #She abandons #She-ness.

- “Guevara was easy. Name another one.”
- “Given”
- “Ah, Two Che”

I always wanted to manage Slade but someone else got the Nod.

I could get used to this Man Pampering. It sure saves on bathroom breaks.

Everywhere I go I see automated crazy people. Maybe it’s psychos’o-matic

My boss hates over-familiar greetings so f I catch myself saying an absent-minded "Hiya", I always follow up with a devastating karate chop

Beelzebeadworker: crafty devil!

I envy clocks. They have time on their hands

I hate milkmaids and all their kind. Sorry: dairy intolerant

If you like Pop, you'll LOVE Bublé Rap.

Some modes of execution are so lame and inefficient. I recommend old style stonings: only bolder.

Of COURSE it's called 'nominative determinism', what else could it be?

"Do unto others..." Just saying.

- SEE?

Am I dominated by negativity? I'm thinking No

Coeliacs: there's gluten for punishment

I've started copying out the newspaper on my body. People say I have too much Times on my hand

My dad keeps remarrying faster than my mum. Always one step ahead.

Don't you just wish that cheese would jump into your mouth? If only briefly

Misanthropes hate do-gooders and all their kind

If you still don't know what vicarious means, I've got two words for you.

Sisterly agreement: sororarity #BadPortmanteaux

Veni Vidi Vici sounds best in Latin. Unless you’ve just won at conkers. 

2 thoughts on “I Did A Twee

  1. Bev Denison

    I am a home missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship and really love your presentation titled - The Gospel in 321 I think it is the first really Biblical presentation I have ever seen. I would like to have this presentation to use to train the teaching teams who work with children in our area. Do you have it available in flashcards? If so, what is the price? Or is it possible to get a DVD of it that could be copied into flashcards?
    I am hoping to get it for our classes starting in Oct. 2014. Thank you and God Bless you!Bev

  2. Glen

    Hi Bev,

    Thanks for the encouragement. No I don't have any flash cards already made unfortunately. I'm thinking that the video embedded at will be just as hi-res as a DVD of it - is it possible to make flash cards from that?

    Are you also aware that there's a paper folding version of the presentation?

    And a child-friendly song (to a familiar tune!)

    I'd love to think about how to make more child-friendly resources so please keep the ideas coming


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