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Due To Popular Demand: Tweets!

Why am I married? Not because I’m inclined to love the institution but because I met someone. Why am I a Christian? Same answer.

Disgusted to read the behaviour of men on @EverydaySexism feed. True sexual liberation requires sexual self control - esp the men.

Your success at ‘sin management’ does not define you. Christ does: “Holy”, “Without Blemish”, “Free From Accusation” Col1:22 #EnjoyYourDay.

Yesss! "Left Behind Movie" has just added me on Google+.
#eRaptured #CaughtUpInTheCloud

Sins cleansed, darkness conquered, creation liberated, bodies raised, tears wiped away and Jesus. Face to face, Forever. #EnjoyYourDay

If it's anarthrous shouldn't it lose the "an"? But if 'arthrous' shouldn't it be thearthrous? Guess that's why they call em Grammar Nasties

I'm a slave of the Liberator. There's freedom nowhere else.

New word for ontological naturalism: Solidsism. Like solipsism it's impossible to argue against once you grant the premises. #Solidsism

In the end, arguments against both solipsism and solidsism are immaterial. But to the solidsist, that should be a clue.

Oh good. If Brazil lose I hear the authorities will calm the crowds by reading to them all about their famous Rio Tact. #Riotact

#Irenaeus in a word? Handy

At the British Museum see Babylonians, Persians, Greeks&Romans. At yr local church join the Son of Man’s eternal kingdom #Dan7 #EnjoyYourDay


In marriage - focus on your sin and their potential, not the other way around.

Whatever needs forgiving is forgiven. Whatever needs fixing will be fixed. Whatever needs facing, Christ faces with us. #EnjoyYourDay

Good news, you don’t need to “find your identity in Jesus”! Christ IS your life. #Col3 #EnjoyYourDay

It’s not just your sins – *you* have been transferred to Christ. Now you inhabit the realm of the Beloved Son. Col1:13f #EnjoyYourDay

Words don't merely map the world, they make it and move it.

When Jesus came to the Jordan He didn’t Judge the failures, He joined them: entering our filth to bring us 2 His Family #Matt3 #EnjoyYourDay

- What do we want?
- More unity!
- On whose terms do we want it?
- Ours!


Are you a Christian? Jesus is yours and you are His. Song of Songs 6:3 #EnjoyYourDay

I just typed "Why does Google homepage say it's 2013?" into the Google homepage. I got an error message and now my computer's frozen.

I'm expecting GoogleTroopers to knock at my door any minute and arrest me for gross insubordination.

I'd like to take this opportunity to restate my appreciation for, and allegiance to, our Google Overlords. Long to reign over us.

PROPHECY: Manpering will become a thing (ie Man-Pampering). This will be huge. You heard it here first.

Vindicated! “Manpering” exists already. Buoyed by my prophetic success I now predict the rise of microblogging and reflexive photography

So Germany looking to swiftly knock out France before turning their attention to world domination. #DontMentionTheWorldCup

Neymar no more :(

Weeping then joy, anger then favour, mourning then dancing, the pit then the heights Ps30 One morning soon will be The Morning #EnjoyYourDay

If a scientist explained their data with recourse to the miraculous: 50 others would, understandably, set about finding a better explanation >

< But all science rests on a miracle: the comprehensibility of the cosmos. It's the *Christian* who steps forward to explain the miracle

Gal2:20 Your "I" (active subject) has been crucified & no longer lives. Your "me" (passive object) is loved and laid hold of. #EnjoyYourDay

According to the sermon on the mount, our Father in heaven: shines, sees x2, knows x2, forgives, feeds, clothes, gives.

Let's hope the Commonwealth Games can lift us from this sporting yawn-fest. Am I right?

“The sin beneath all our sins is 2trust the serpent's lie that we cannot trust the love&grace of Christ&must take matters in2 our own hands” (Luther)

#5LeviticalOfferings: Old life condemned, New offered to God, Guilt cleansed, Recompense made, Peace secured. #ChristHasDoneIt #EnjoyYourDay

"To die" is not a valid bucket list entry. Unless you're Jesus. Then it's item number one.

Peter took Jesus aside: "It's just that, as bucket lists go, "Dying" feels a bit brief. And maybe lacking in ambition?" (Mark8:32 amplified)

Also sad to be missing #EMA2014 - but #EMO2014 would be interesting too. You could sing #EMOhymns like And can it bleed, Meekness and Misery

Other #EMOhymns: Here is blood vast as the ocean, Mourning has broken #EMO2014 #EMA2014

#EMOhymns Sell out my soul, Cries triumphant ever raining, #EMO2014 #EMA2014

#EMOhymns When tears like a river (It is hell), My hope is built on nothing. #EMO2014 #EMA2014

By @rockbadger: Praise Goth from whom all bleedings flow #EMO2014

By @SamAllberry: Frown Him With Many Frowns, Lord For The Tears, There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood

By @celticmoose: O for a thousand tongue piercings to sing

By @CamPotts1: I cry alone, no hope is found.

"Jesus the Name high over all, in hell or earth or sky. Angels and men before it fall, and devils fear and fly." #EnjoyYourDay

God's YES resounds from heaven at Christ. His AMEN booms back on our behalf&the Spirit seals us into the circle of trust 2Cor1 #EnjoyYourDay

The big news here in Ireland: Garth Brooks has cancelled his Dublin gigs. Fans can get their money back. Their self-respect remains forfeit

Just learnt that the two-day wedding celebration I'm at has used 66 bottles of wine. Just 10% of the John 2 quantity!

As Word of God Jesus doesn't just keep God's promises, He *is* God's promise to you, earthed forever into your humanity. #EnjoyYourDay

When life feels beyond u remember it always is. "But this happened that we might not rely on self but God who raises the dead" #EnjoyYourDay

Since Adam, sinners have been desperate to look righteous. With Jesus you have the Righteous One happy to be numbered with transgressors

It always astonishes me how content Jesus is with people thinking He's a sinner. I *am* one & I'm mortified to be outted


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