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Tweets, the Saga Conintues

Don't really get this Purely from Romans 1-5 you can offer some *very* stern pastoral rebukes => Romans 6.

Mary chose the better portion: to BE served by Jesus through His word. Luke 10:42 #EnjoyYourDay.

My mother has style and taste. Style: she's joined Twitter. Taste: she followed @mike_reeves first

"Can't stand those Jesus people, no way would I join them" <-- Sounds anti-hypocrisy right? It also sounds like the Pharisees of Jesus' day

Pharisees were "those who kept themselves separate" and they couldn't stand the Jesus people. But Jesus called *them* the hypocrites

Ps 30:6. Maybe this morning means more weeping 4u. But one morning every tear will be wiped away & today is another day closer #EnjoyYourDay

- "Guevara was easy. Name another one."
- "Given"
- "Ah, Two Che"

I had a history teacher who wd begin lessons by staring blankly into the middle distance &sighing. Coldplay's latest album is basically that

Drove thru Dartford Toll Booth at 5:59:57am avoiding the toll by 3 seconds. This must be how Jack Bauer feels

Listened to Isaiah 40-66 in the car. Imagine if *that* - the depths & the heights - was the tone of our preaching & pastoral counselling?

They didn’t seek 1st the Kingdom, they fled the King. Yet the King pursued the disciples thru death 2 find them & say “Peace” #EnjoyYourDay

We'll fight the neo-Marcionites the way the early church did: not by insisting Christ is the *best* revelation of God but the *only* one

Know the gospel, understand and live a theology of suffering & of work and you're just about as equipped as possible 4 personal evangelism

I’ve come up with a thousand separate arguments against scholasticism. They’re a bit a-Thomistic

321 is all abt the cross. THREE: The One crucified is truly God. TWO: The One crucified is truly Man. ONE: The great exchange truly ‘works’

In #Matthew14, Jesus “begins to” let Peter sink. But “immediately” He responds to his cry. #EnjoyYourDay

Sobering day at Auschwitz. Hearing the horrors of the camp I found myself muttering two things repeatedly: "Those bastards" and "I'm sorry"

Again and again we’re told that God’s Face shines on us. (Eg Num6; Ps80) In Jesus, God beams at you. #EnjoyYourDay

Don't use God and trust your mind. Trust God and use your mind. John Lennox #ELF2014


Paul was an 'effective' evangelist (Acts14:1) but he was often experienced as 'baffling' (9:22), 'battling' (13:45) & 'babbling' (17:18)

You can’t undo the past but Jesus has covered it and is now transforming the mess. It really is onwards and upwards #EnjoyYourDay

"Evangelism is a display of our weakness" Craig Dyer on 2 Cor 4:7 #ELF2014

Colonel Sanders: Chick magnate


You don’t have to wait to be welcomed into the kingdom. Thru the gospel Christ *has* welcomed u with open arms (Rom15:7) #EnjoyYourDay..

You can’t reverse engineer your theology of evangelism from what has ‘worked’

We do not build bridges to the world. Christ IS the bridge encountered thru our words in the context of cross-shaped love. All else is flesh

"Faith comes by... many and various methods, who knows how the Spirit may choose to work" #evangelism #notinmybible

"The sower mainly sowed on strategic soils and spent most of his time 'weeding' and 'breaking up the ground'" #evangelism #notinmybible

"I am not inclined to share the gospel because God's power for salvation is bigger than our evangelistic efforts" #evangelism #notinmybible

“Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom but we cleverly deconstruct their worldviews” #evangelism #notinmybible


"We don't just have the status of being married. We are married." Classic @PeterMead on Union with Christ

Some look to the seriousness of wedding vows, others to the security of wedding rings. How bout looking 2your spouse?

"Love rejoices in the Truth"... and has done for eternity. #Trinity

The world is not a factory with u pulling the levers. Consider the birds. It’s your Father’s house & ur His child. #Matthew6 #EnjoyYourDay

Underneath it’s not ‘blind, pitiless indifference’. Underneath are the everlasting arms. Deut 33:27 #EnjoyYourDay..

F.Schaeffer wd say there are 'no little people' with Jesus. Now there are no little people with social media. We're all our own press agents

Your Aaron has entered the Holy Place, bearing your name over his heart as a continuing memorial before the LORD. Exodus 28:29 #EnjoyYourDay

#1John1 Pretend righteousness, unconfessed sin, lonely independence = darkness. The Fellowship, Blood & Family of God = light #EnjoyYourDay

Alain de Botton's take on modern marriage: Finding someone in particular to save me from people in general

God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 1John5:11 #EnjoyYourDay..

Philippians 4:6 “@trouteyes: If you're anxious and you know it, clasp your hands.”

Groaning under the weight of your “sacrifices” 4 the gospel? Don’t think sacrifice, think sound investment (Mark 10:29-30) #EnjoyYourDay..

- To get the sequel shd I see 21 Jump St?
- Yes but now u know there's a sequel the 1st is ruined
- Who knew it'd be so hard to catch "22"?


2 thoughts on “Tweets, the Saga Conintues

  1. Milton Stanley

    I guess I've been away too long, because I don't understand this one at all. My first thought: "If Glen Scrivener is posting this kind of thing. . ."

  2. Glen

    Haha, good to hear from you Milton. Yes as a blog post it's a little baffling. It's just a collection of my tweets from the last 10 days. E-Pensees

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