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Podcast: Hot Topics – Suffering


In evangelism it might be tempting to run from the suffering question. Actually suffering allows us to speak of the deepest gospel truths.

Yes, Christians have a problem with suffering. But that's a good thing. The real problem is when people don't have a problem with suffering. Unfortunately that's the trouble with every other approach to suffering - non-Christian answers do not let us engage with suffering as the evil that it is.

Naturally the world responds to suffering in one of two directions - either they explain it by Karma or by Chaos.

With Karma - no suffering, ultimately, is undeserved. At the end of the day suffering is not a problem, it's just unpleasant.

With Chaos - no suffering is objectively wrong. We just happen to live in a random universe and some will get hurt.

But Christ offers us a third way - not all suffering is deserved, but no suffering is random. With Christ we have a way of upholding the meaningfulness and the unnaturalness of suffering.

Tune in to hear how, and to learn how 321 can help address the suffering question...



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