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Podcast: How to give an evangelistic talk

10 commandments

This week Andy and I talk about delivering an evangelistic talk.

We discuss my (tongue-in-cheek) 10 commandments for evangelistic preaching (below):




  1. Thou shalt worship Christ from the pulpit.
  2. Thou shalt communicate the newness of God’s revelation.
  3. Thy tone shalt be declarative and devotional.
  4. Thy method shalt be expositional and christocentric.
  5. Thou shalt not preach “the passage” thou shalt preach Christ from the passage.
  6. Thy fevered entreaty shall not be ‘DO’ so much as ‘LOOK’.
  7. Thou shalt not apologize for the word
  8. Thou shalt not be clever
  9. Thou shalt not go searching for illustrations.
  10. Thou shalt not go searching for jokes.

And how can you tell if you’ve done a good job? Ask yourself these questions:

Have I communicated JESUS - has He been the centre of it all?

Have I used or abused the passage?

Have I encouraged confidence in the flesh or faith in Christ?

Have I taken people on a journey from Adam to Christ?

Have I offered promises or simply stated truths? (In other words, Have I offered Christ?)

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