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On and On with the Tweets. It’s relentless

Habittualy-Twitter-WallpaperWe like to keep our sins private and our righteousness public. Jesus said, Do the opposite: #Matthew6

Christian: Christ lives in you. #EnjoyYourDay

God does not dish out grace with a teaspoon. Your Father is a Fountain of life. #EnjoyYourDay

Soon your eyes will behold the King in His beauty, they will see a land that stretches afar. Isaiah 33:17 #EnjoyYourDay

In Christ you are not only blameless in God’s sight (Col 1:22), you are unblameable (KJV). #EnjoyYourDay

#1Samuel1 We think our spirits will lift when God gives us what we want. Hannah's spirits lifted when she gave God what she wanted.

A student just asked me to speak at her uni on the theme YOLO. Because I'm 1000 years old she added: It's an anagram of You Only Live Once

Resisting the urge to write back: No THESE are anagrams of you only live once:
Cue, yon evil loony
Venue: oily colony
Colon Envy: You Lie!

Jesus encamps around you (Ps 34:7). Before anything gets to you today, it has to go through Him. #EnjoyYourDay

A Judge saying "You may go" would mean relief. But the gospel is much deeper. In it a Father says "You may come" and it means rejoicing

Is physicalism true? I haven't made up my mind.

Today you're probably ambivalent about artificial intelligence, but one day it'll be make your mind up time.

It’s just as “finished” today as it was 2000 years ago. #EnjoyYourDay

- Folks must trust Jesus
- Amen
- So we must demand faith
- Wait, how do u /demand/ faith?
- Tell em 2 make a decision!
- Funny kinda faith

Faith is pulled out of us by the gospel, not pushed out of us by our resolve.

If you’re a Christian you are “in Christ”. And you can’t get closer than “in”. #EnjoyYourDay

Its name is its unofficial motto: B right on

Here is tweet number 10000! Who said twitter was a colossal waste of time? For one thing it's taught me to clearly and briefly express mysel

Christian: even if He wanted to send you away, God would have to un-knit His own being to do so. #EnjoyYourDay

Just started a job-share as a GP. Everyone thinks it's comedic

True story from 18 yrs ago:
Her: Hi, I'm Haydee
Me: If there were 2 of u it'd be hell! :)
Her: Why?!
Me: Well, cos, Hades
Her: What's Hades?

<< I guess you could say, the young me was a real hell-raiser


#RichardDawkinsChatUpLines There's your genome with all those double-helix curves and here's me with no brakes.

#RichardDawkinsChatUpLines Get your coat love, our genes have pooled.

#RichardDawkinsChatUpLines Get outta my memes and into my life

#RichardDawkinsChatUpLines Your daddy must have been a thief? Why? Selfish genes.

#RichardDawkinsChatUpLines Girl, when billions of years of death, pain and mindless struggle made you, they were showing off.


Jesus encamps around you, the Spirit fills you, the Father beams at you. #EnjoyYourDay

Gen27: Rachel's role=key. Like H Spirit she initiates, makes pleasing offering (meal) & clothes Jacob in his elder bro. Jake brings only sin


Contradictory Celebs: Matt Gloss, Time Waits, Demi More, Bleak Lively #ContradictoryCelebs

The Risen Lord cooks breakfast for total failures (Jn 21). He hasnt changed in 2000 years. He loves u just the same. #EnjoyYourDay

If "Praying in the Spirit" is taught as something quite different from "Praying in the Son" might it betray a latent tritheism?


Porn: Zwinglian sex

Adoption into the life of God! Through the blood of the Son! What kind of God do we have? One who gave everything to have us! #EnjoyYourDay

The Good Shepherd has not retired. The One who gave His life for you watches over, guides, feeds and protects you right now. #EnjoyYourDay

Law: “If you… Then He’ll…”
Gospel: “Since He… We are…”

Good news: God has prepared good works for you to walk in today. (Try to look surprised when it happens). #EnjoyYourDay



The Father IS Love, the Son IS Grace, the Spirit IS Fellowship (2 Cor 13:14). You have everything you could ever need or want. #EnjoyYourDay

As surely as Christ saved you Apart from goodness, He saved you Into it.

7 thoughts on “On and On with the Tweets. It’s relentless

  1. Brian Midmore

    I looked up Col 1.22. Now isn't Paul speaking eschatologically? Doesn't 'to present you blameless and above reproach in his sight' mean that this will happen at the last judgement, and so it is contingent on our continuing in the faith. Yes this final judgement is brought forward in the present, we are justified by faith, but at the same time there is another reality that we are sinful and need to put off the old man, and continue in confessing our sins. There are some movements that take 'God sees us as blameless' to mean he ONLY sees us blameless and therefore we don't need to confess our sins. To understand these apparent contradictions we need to think eschatologically.

  2. Glen

    I'd say "But now" puts this verse into the present.

    There is a distinction but it's not so much then versus now as "in Christ" versus "in Adam" or (which is the same thing) "by the Spirit" versus "according to the flesh".

  3. Brian Midmore

    If we look at other 'blameless' references they seem set firmly in the future. E.g. 1.Cor 1.8 'blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus'; 1 Thes 3.13;5.23 ' the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ'; 1 Tim 6.14 'blameless until our Lord Jesus Christ's appearing'; 2 Peter 3.14 'looking forward to these things (the day of the Lord) be diligent to be found....blameless. Given this evidence I believe Col 1.22 should be read as at the last judgement. In his sight is surely reminiscent of 'then face to face' 1 Cor 13.12. 'To present you' speaks of being presented before the judgement seat. Paul gives assurance that we will be blameless on judgement day 'He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it' 1 Thes 5.24. Peter exhorts us to be diligent to be blameless.

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