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Pray for book writing


I really need to settle down and write 321 the book before 2014 properly crowds in. Please pray for focus, inspiration, clarity of thought and expression. And pray God might use it to reach many.

I'll be blogging/tweeting infrequently for the next few weeks.

Talk among yourselves...


2 thoughts on “Pray for book writing

  1. Dominic

    Hi Glen,

    Every blessing with this.

    A good productivity tip I picked up from Matt Perman's blog (he was former Director of Strategy at Desiring God and blogs about productivity) is as follows...

    When you're working on a task like this, don't get to the end of one section and then take a break. (Else there's a barrier to restarting again after the break.) Instead, finish section x, then do a bit (even if only for a few minutes) on section y before you take a break. It's easier to re-start on it after the break then.

    In Jesus,
    p.s. Can I sign up for your prayer letter thing as per your old post.

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