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God in a manger, defenceless enfleshed
Immanuel crying&fighting4breath
God in a manger wriggling&raw
Spread on t wood, enthroned on t straw

God @ Golgotha pierced in His flesh
Immanuel crying&fighting4breath
God @ Golgotha forsaken&lost
Spread on the wood, enthroned on the cross

Nice moment in #TheBibleUK: by the empty tomb John says, "Jesus is gone" Peter replies "He's not gone, He's back!"

#ChristmasStarts before the world began with a Father, Son and Spirit who wanted to share.

Legislating bedroom behaviour is not so much a questionable view of sex as a questionable view of the state

The Virgin Birth: because man cannot make a Messiah

Adam: Man of earth, formed by God, made to rule but dust to dust
Jesus: Man of heaven, filled by God, reigning now from coast to coast

#Christmasmeans the release of Adam 2.0

He entered our family to bring us into His. #EnjoyYourChristmas

#Christmasmeans In Jesus, God has irreversibly pledged to us His life, His being and His future forevermore.

#christmasmeans God has made Himself ours

#Christmasmeans The Lord of the cosmos is my Brother - bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh

#Christmasmeans humanity has a future - God's!


How to have a good conversation: Don't be interesting. Be interested

The life of the #kingdom is the life of down-scaling, cheek-turning, rights-yielding, self-giving love. i.e. Christ's life.

Dan2: Christ is the small rock filling the world
Dan3: Christ is the co-sufferer in the furnace
Dan4: Christ is the Lowliest of men (v17)

<< Nebuchadnezzar's glory is contrasted with, and conquered by, a theology of the cross

I've finally ditched my Blackberry. Apple's my new jam.

Ryan Bell's gonna spend "a year without God", proving that he doesn't have a faith to lose, only a book deal to gain.

Fascinating to see outraged reaction to this next RT. What is the path to true joy...?

<< 'Self last' used to be the obviously moral position. Now it's the obviously immoral position. Last week a friend told me "I cant be a hypocrite, I need to put myself first." Nowadays "You Last" strikes the world as inauthentic & wrong If everyone's meant 2 put themselves last that is the *most* uplifting teaching for the downtrodden. They are clearly closest to the kingdom The only time we feel we are not worthy is in the presence of celebrities #ModernLife Investigating God? Before you ask "What kind of evidence will convince me?", ask "What kind of God am I considering here?" >>

<< Too many people say they've found no evidence for God when actually they've been looking for a Big Foot in the Sky. >>

<< But what if God is the Source of Being? Then *everything* is evidence. What if He showed up in the flesh? The Jesus is the place to start If there's no personal foundation to the universe, everything really is 'set in stone' Some are able to imagine a god just powerful enough to control everything but not powerful enough to liberate everything. Christians believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. Materialists believe in the virgin birth of the cosmos. Choose your miracle. "The whole order of things is as outrageous as any miracle which could presume to violate it." GK Chesterton Christianity is not an additional, extraordinary belief. It's the framework in which to grasp an extraordinary world. Don't tell me I MUST visit the Bayeux tapestry. I hate quilt trips

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