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Top 13 for 2013

top13This year I've switched blogs. Unfortunately I'm not sure any of my readers have. The old site still has 300 subscribers and more join every week (in spite of the fact I don't post there anymore). Never mind, at this new site I have 2 subscribers. And you're both very welcome indeed.

My blogging output hasn't quite been what it was in previous years. But there are still some posts that got my blood pumping in 2013. If you missed them first time around, here they are again.

13. Emma's epic 4Thought went out and, inexplicably, received a record number of thumbs downs (as well as a record number of thumbs up). We responded...


12. An Imaginary Correspondence About Truth, Faith, Food (and, mainly, Sexuality)

Also on the issue of sex and sexuality:
Is God homophobic?
Sex / Love / God – An Evangelistic Talk
Behind Closed Doors: On God and Porn
Resource for Addressing Pornography in Church / Youth Group


11. Are you sitting comfortably? Then Let’s Do Science

Also on the topic: Hasn’t science disproved God?


10. Our Podcast has been a fun new resource. We're getting lots of downloads which is great - why not subscribe?

Most Downloads: What Atheists Get Right
Interview with Tim Chester
Interview with Gavin Tyte


9. Four Thoughts on Grace for Reformation Day

see also 10 misconceptions about grace
Law-Gospel: Not a Procrustean Bed
Law-Gospel in Isaiah


8. The Monstrous Evil of Balance: Or Why Nuance Is Always Always Wrong


7.  Not Nature and Super-Nature – Old Creation and New Creation


6. Ten Thoughts On Salvation


5.  Mission is NOT 'God's work and our work': Mission in 2 Corinthians

see also Evangelism, Proclamation and Treasure Hunts


4. Why be good? Part one

Part twothreefourfive


3.   Eating Disorders – A Carer’s Perspective


2.  Halloween: Trick or Treat?

see also Putting Halloween in Context
Santa vs Jesus
Christmas in Dark Places


1.  He shines in the dark

3 thoughts on “Top 13 for 2013

  1. the Old Adam

    I left this thought (just now) on your post #9:

    “…thus commands regarding our active righteousness do not negate the gospel but flow naturally from it.”

    We are righteous. Not because of any commands. But because we (the ungodly) are declared righteous…for Jesus’ sake.

    That’s why the Reformation was such a nuclear explosion.


    Just to go out of 2013 (on your blog) with a bang.


    Thanks, Glen!

    I will subscribe!!

  2. Pete Bowman

    Hey Glen, I still subscribe to the RSS feed on the old blog, but I'm definitely following the new one too!

    Thanks for all your hard work in 2013. Your site is the best one on the whole internet!


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