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Podcast: Graham Miller on our Online Witness

TEP-PodcastCover-1024x1024Last week we spoke to Graham Miller from London City Mission about the work of LCM.

This week we pick his brains on online evangelism. Here is just some of the wisdom he shares...

Sometimes evangelistic sites can be hijacked by atheists trying to wind up the Christian apologist, perhaps we need more "walled gardens" in internet evangelism - e.g. Facebook groups that discuss deeper issues, news stories. It's a short walk from a serious conversation to a gospel conversation.

The internet enables the resourcing of evangelists much more broadly as expertise is shared.

People in the UK are very private people, even if Christians are being loving, it's not on show. But the internet is an opportunity to open the doors on that.

Do we just vent our spleen online? Or do we realise that online is one more dimension of our Christian discipleship?

Remember that our disagreements online are public.

Churches are the best apologetic - the best witness. The love of a church community together is the ideal. But the internet is part of the picture - it can be a step on the way to church community.




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