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Some Tweets (Mostly Tchaff)

#HowChristianQuotesShouldEnd "If Christ be God and died for me then, hooly dooly, that's all kinds of wonderful!"

#HowChristianQuotesShouldEnd "Preach the gospel to every creature under heaven, use misquotes if necessary."

#HowChristianQuotesShouldEnd "God is most glorified in us when the Son makes satisfaction for us."

#HowChristianQuotesShouldEnd "Preach the gospel. Die. And be remembered for pithy quotes."

#HowChristianQuotesShouldEnd "Evangelism and social action are like two wings of a denomination."

#HowChristianQuotesShouldEnd "God helps those who hate Himself."

#Continued... "The world has yet 2c what God will do w a man fully consecrated 2Him. I will b that ma... wait a minute. Forgot about Jesus!"

#HowChristianQuotesShouldEnd "If you feel far from God, guess who moved? Jesus did, right into God's presence on your behalf :)"

Correct me if I'm wrong but pedanticness is a real sign of emotional immaturity, am I right?

"@daronmedway: @glenscrivener I think you mean pedantry. :-)" no I really think it's pedanticness. Agree to disagree?

The conversation continued...

To lovers of idols-speak: Idolatry is not chiefly a psychological over-investment in the world! It's a theological misunderstanding of God!

The week does not begin today (Mon) with u & yr work. It started y'day with Christ & His grace. B4 u've taken a step ur on top of the world #EnjoyYourDay

We think our guidance probs are about lack of information or strategy. Paul thinks they're basically about a lack of love (Phil1:9-10)

Hence perhaps the biggest question in guidance is 'Where is Love leading?'

New birth isn't caused by 'faith' OR some abstract 'grace'. It's caused by Christ's resurrection & offered by the Spirit in the gospel word.

"All I wanted was some cough mixture but the pharmacist just went on and on"
"No I was shocked"
more #coughlolz

The bad news: You don't have what it takes. The good news: You have everything He gives. #EnjoyYourDay

If you like Pop, you'll LOVE Bublé Rap

There's no such thing as good writers, only good re-writers. It's the opposite with tweeting. (Please RT!)

Dear Twitter, if you want to make a Green Day gag today (at the end of September), you go right ahead. After "Bublé Rap", who am I to judge?

My contribution to the preaching debates (based on Psalm 29:9)...

The voice of the LORD twists oaks & strips forests bare. In his temple some cry 'Glory!' while others question the relevance of monologue

Whatever distance we've put between ourselves & God, Jesus bridges it. If we belong to Christ, we're in the Father's embrace. #EnjoyYourDay

Forgotten how good James 1:21 is in the King James: "Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness." Use it today!

B Graham is criticized 4 seeing big response but only a fraction continuing fruitfully. Yet that's what Mark 4 would have us expect, right?

Christ is a three-fold Firstborn: Firstborn over all creation; Firstbon from among the dead; Firstborn among many brothers. #gospel

< Maybe I'm obsessed, but it sounds like 3-2-1 to me. "I am among u as one who serves" "He emptied Himself" "For yr sake He became poor" "The Son of God loved me&gave Himself 4me" #EnjoyYourDay Jesus never turned away sinners, only the righteous. No-one is too bad for Jesus, but many are 'too good'. God does not grant you a tentative pardon. In Jesus He gives you Himself, for free and forever. #EnjoyYourDay Veni Vidi Vici sounds best in Latin. Unless you've just won at conkers Leave it. The bandage can come off when it's goo'd and reddy < Sorry for the bandage gag. #takingthepuss I see Burberry's going up-market again. Sorting out the tweed from the chav. Pu-Tin Foil? Left-Wing Film? No? #PoliticalRappers Is that the best hashtag? Can't think of any other wrappers :( #dailymailfilms Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Newspaper #getin #backonform

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