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This is wonderful.Love, love, love Jesus...

Jesus knows your worst yet He loves you best. #EnjoyYourDay

No more results days with God: "Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for all who believe." Rom10:4 #EnjoyYourDay

#Ashes tests in Eng since '05: side batting last has lost 8, drawn 5 & won 1. The only win was @ TrentBridge 05. Eng batted 1st&enforced f/o

<< In #Ashes tests in Eng since 05, Eng have managed to bat first on 11/15 occasions. I just hope Aus back me up at the Oval with a win!

Ann Forbes my convict ancestor stole 10 yards printed cotton. She was spared the hangman's noose b/c they were short of women on 1st Fleet>

Crucified between two thieves with arms outstretched to the world, He prays Father forgive. Do you reckon He's for you? #EnjoyYourDay

You can pray for Schroedinger's cat right? Sure hope so

RT: "@MooseAllain: When he dies Michael Gove will arrive in a place entirely populated by Michael Goves. At first he'll think "I'm in heaven!" Then, slowly…"

<< They say 'Hell is other people.' Quite the opposite!

Jesus' 'Live in the moment' teaching is not idealistic. It's the acknowledgement that today's impossible enough w/o worrying abt tomorrow

Tre Due Uno: 321 in Italian: Hopefully soon we can make the visuals Italian too...

<< I swear, when they translated 'del Mondo' it meant the world to me

No-one is born gay or straight. Some good points in here.

We're so dumb we have to be Told to live the good life. Then when we hear it, we ask 'What do I get out of it?'

Thank God you never have to deal with tomorrow. (Matt 6:34) #EnjoyYourDay

Note: 1Cor10:13 is about /temptation/. It assures you u don't have to Sin. But you Do have to Suffer.

Out of your depth? That's where Jesus likes to show up.

"He is before all things and in Him all things hold together". That includes... 

RT: @His_Grace "We crush Saddam, the Christians pay. We eject Gaddafi, the Christians pay. We support ousting Mubarak, the Christians pay. After Assad..?"

Not a bad reason to be Anglican

We have a Shepherd for the darkest valley and a Lamb for the deepest pit. #EnjoyYourDay

So painful, but such a beautiful witness to Jesus:

Christianity is the true humanism. Christ is the true human.

RT: @PastorTullian "The preaching of the gospel alone activates faith, and faith alone activates love"

Striking eg of gospel-law preaching. Starts with the gift, continues with the lecture. And the kid looks exhausted

Just seen 321 in Chinese. They're going to show it on TV (CBN Hong Kong). Stay tuned for the video.

Jesus *means* the Lord saves. U can't divide Lordship from salvation but neither do u need 2 'balance' them as tho they are opposing forces...

...Treating Lord and Saviour as contrasting terms misunderstands both concepts *and* the union by which all of Christ is ours

Christ *appearing* is prominent in Paul's gospel (1Cor15:1-9) b/c the pinnacle of our hope is face2face (1Cor13) #ComingSoon #EnjoyYourDay

1/2 Morality is the happy & liberated Good Life lived in line w the truth that is in Jesus. IOW it's 'keeping in step with the Spirit'

2/2 The foundational truth for all morality is the forgiveness of sins

As surely as we're mired in suffering and sin so surely will we be raised to life and righteousness. 1Cor15:49 #EnjoyYourDay

'I've only done you good, why the suspicion?' I ask my cat (and God asks me)

#Miracles are not given to enflame our love of power. They're given because God loves the weak. #theologyofthecross

"What good can come from this?" asks the sufferer. "What good will come from this!" exclaims our Saviour. #EnjoyYourDay

"Co-heirs with Christ" is a wonderful truth. For 1 thing when window shopping u can say 2 yr wife: "U like that necklace honey? It's yours"

That's cheap! Apparently U2's frontman is 13ono

All day I've been trying to find an anagram for a pig hut video. I had to give up.

Tried to find an anagram of 'how I use a hot gut slime encrusted within a fat idiot'. In the end I thought it was a ridiculous waste of time


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