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God does not love the ideal you - he knows you're a tramp:

NEWSFLASH: Man wearing "Religion: together we can find the cure" T-shirt says something inflammatory about a religion 

<<It wasn't racist. But why should we only throw up our hands if it was *rac*ist?

#SpiritualWarfare: enter the truth of yr justification, the gospel of peace.Trust Jesus, read yr bible, know yr salvation&pray #Eph6 #simple

Christian: Jesus didn't save u in order 2 love u. He loved u & so He saved u (Ps18:19; Jn3:16) UR therefore loved at yr worst #EnjoyYourDay

In #Ashes tests in Eng since '05 the side batting 1st have won 7, drawn 5 & only lost 1. (Eng has managed to bat 1st 10/13 times)

"Atlas Shrugged, Jesus wept" Kim Fabricius

"From the moment he set [his script] aside he took on the stance of a Baptist preacher" MLKs 'I have a dream' speech

Jesus is God's eternal "LIKE" coming down from heaven. So be free from every other need for affirmation and #enjoyyourday

"All the world's a stage" says the actor. "Life's a game" says the sportsman. "All reality's explained naturally" says the natural scientist

<<We all prefer certain lenses & we tend 2 make totalising claims 4 what we see thru them. But we shd b suspicious of those total claims.>>

<<Science is wonderful but it cannot tell you its own scope since it cannot itself determine what lies beyond itself

God's love is not shallow or distant. He's entered the depth of our humanity & brought us 2 the height of His divinity #EnjoyYourDay

God's gift of Jesus isn't the sign that we are, in principle, now loveable. It's the proof that we are in fact loved. 

If you are a Christian your very element is now light and love, freedom and forgiveness. Col1:12-14 #EnjoyYourDay

Putting on a suit to preach to business people. 1 Corinthians 9 is a bummer

If u think u can make it today without prayer, u put yourself above MC Hammer. RU better than the Hammer? #MiddleAgedYouthWorker

It's like that scene from Howard's End... #MiddleAgedYouthWorker

I say PERI you say CHORESIS: PERI -- PERI -- #MiddleAgedYouthWorker

Sure Michaelangelo was a party dude, but if a machine needed doing Donatello was your ninja turtle. #MiddleAgedYouthWorker

Darn it, no-one wears a tie in Canary Wharf. No-one. #overcontextualised

MT "@daneortlund: In 1742 Whitefield preached to 30,000 on Boston Common. Pop. of Boston was 10,000." ->Never trust an evangelist's stats ;)

On results day, remember you Father has your future, the Son is your standing and the Spirit is your comforter. #EnjoyYourDay 

Jesus joined the transgressors (Isaiah 53:12) so you could join the Trinity (Galatians 4:6). #EnjoyYourDay

<< Lest you think 'joining the Trinity' means 'pulling up a chair *along side* the Three': …

What my wife meant to say: "I am *not* a misanthrope." What she actually said: "I am *not* a malaprop." Perfect.

Just made a deliciously ironic (but also heart-felt) sign-off on a blog comment. It felt a little like this... …

Mainly blogging feels like a cycle of this: … ...followed by this... … ... mainly.

"It's not my good frame of heart that makes my righteousness better nor my bad frame that makes it worse: my righteousness is Christ"Bunyan

Tell them 'That's your company - I'm your pork' - and other interview tips …

Curious fact: In Acts 17 Paul gives no proof for the resurrection. Rather, the resurrection *is* the proof.

The LORD is gracious. The LORD is good. The LORD is faithful. The LORD is righteous. The LORD is near. #Ps145 #EnjoyYourDay

When they came with their requests, Jesus was never heartless or helpless, never hurried or harried. HE reigns on high. #EnjoyYourDay

The arguments for or against materialism are decided almost entirely by immaterial realities: mind, language, reason, emotion etc

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