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twitter-iconJesus isn't the vital piece of the puzzle. He's the picture.

Nothing's intractable. Nothing's a lost cause. Jesus said “My Father is at work to this day, and I too am working.” Jn5:17 #EnjoyYourDay

Perhaps the clamour for 'equality' is really a yearning for something much richer: 'harmony'

Christ crucified is the supreme icon of the Trinity #LifePouredOut

What holds the world together? Money? Power? The strong/weak nuclear force? No, the God-Man thru Peace-Making-Sacrifice #Col1 #EnjoyYourDay

Ephesians 4 comes before Ephesians 5. Couples belong to the church by baptism before they belong to each other in marriage.

You are completely unnecessary but entirely loved. #EnjoyYourDay

Sometimes you feel His name in your heart. But this is your bedrock hope: Your name on His heart. Exodus 28:29: 

In Jesus, God is not on your back. He's at your side (Ps 16:8) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus: Adam 2.0 #Irenaeus4Today

You better believe grace gives you licence. Licence to live the good life. #setfree

The diff b/w law&grace is not the diff b/w a strict&lenient teacher. It's the diff b/w sitting exams & being fully qualified to practise.

What was the first thing Lazarus saw after rising from the dead? The tear-stained face of Jesus. #theologyofsuffering

4those sitting final exams today someone will say'Pens down' then the hols. 4 the Xian it's 'schools out 4ever' Gal3:24 #EnjoyYourDay

We're pretty terrible at the one thing we're called to do in this age: WAIT. Ps27:14;130:6;Rom8:25; 1Co1:7;1Thes1:10;Heb9:28

When waiting we either dull (our hopes) or distract (ourselves). Eager expectation is something else

Our comfort in sorrow is either divine pity or self-pity. One is the essence of heaven, the other the character of hell.

Basking in the sun looks like a vain hope this summer. But Jesus promises something better: shining like it! (Matt 13:43) #EnjoyYourDay

The righteous cry out &the LORD hears; He delivers from all their troubles. The LORD's close 2the brokenhearted &saves the crushed in spirit

God's Glory is, foundationally, His display not His demand. #GodisGiver

Great documentary on Spurgeon (hour plus) - especially love the sermon excerpts they chose to use: …

Yr suffering is achieving what yr safety never cd: maturity (Rom5) in fellowship w Father (Heb12), Son (Phil3) &Spirit (Rom8) #EnjoyYourDay

Interested in "high quality theology & the chance to study it"? With @mike_reeves ? Thought so: 

"When the [OT] fathers wished 2 behold God they always turned their eyes 2 Christ. I mean not only that they beheld God in his eternal Word>

<but also they attended with their whole mind &the whole affection of their heart 2the promised manifestation of Christ" -Calvin on John1:18

OT saints "had and knew Christ as Mediator, through whom they were joined to God and were to share in His promises.” (Institutes II.10.2).

OT saints "knew God only by beholding Him in His Son... God's never been manifested in any other way. His Son= His sole wisdom, light&truth>

< From this Fountain [Christ] Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, &others drank all that they had of heavenly teaching. (Institutes, IV.8.5)

"No worship has ever pleased God except that which looked 2 Christ..The hope of all the godly has ever reposed in Christ alone"(II.6.1..3)

If u know Jesus, u know the Creator, Sustainer & Reconciler of the cosmos. And He's for u with every drop of His blood. Col1 #EnjoyYourDay

You should point to the whole man Jesus and say, ''That is God.'' (Luther)

Note the link btw Phil1:10&11. We feel we lack discernment. More profoundly we lack love. Where love 'abounds' quandaries clarify

Baptism then Communion. One-off then On-going. You-into-Christ then Christ-into-you. Enter-covenant-union then Enjoy-covenant-union.

In all your affliction He shares (Isaiah 63:9). With all His affection He cares (John 15:9). #EnjoyYourDay

Jer33:15-21 If, this morning, the sun sinks back down into blackness then Christ's love can fail you. Otherwise... #enjoyyourday

Just paid £6.20 to get into Wales. Might keep a receipt, in case I want a refund.

With the infinitesimal lengthening of days over time, this will be the longest the world has ever seen. #QuantumofSolstice

"Jesus didn't come to change your life, He came to give you life." Steve Levy

Every blessing that belongs to Christ is yours. Every curse that belongs to you is His. #EnjoyYourDay

We have no defence in life so He made no defence in death. Naked and ashamed we live, so naked and ashamed He died.

Vicarious redemption does not avoid of responsibility. It's a summons to Christ- the one place where Man's judgement is honestly faced

Does yr listlessness, lovelessness or laziness disqualify u? No "Blessed are the poor in spirit 4 the kingdom belongs 2 them." #EnjoyYourDay

Preach to save the wicked and you'll sanctify the saints. Preach to sanctify the saints and you'll likely do neither.

No matter what u've been called in the past, u have a new name in Jesus: Hephzibah. It means "My delight is in her" (Is62:1-4) #EnjoyYourDay

"A tragedy is a story that begins in joy but ends in pain. A comedy is a story that begins in pain but ends in joy." Dante >>

<< Which is why the gospel is a comedy and 'The Life of Brian' (while very funny) is a tragedy.

Parking attendant just gave me 2 hours free parking and barista just called me "Gorgeous". Is everything sad going to come untrue?

Some emphasize Gethsemane's 'Abba'. Others: 'thy will be done'. Proper emphasis is on Who is praying. 1st 'Christ alone'. Then 'us in Him'

<< Genuine both-ands come on the far side of radical either-ors

The Father bless u& keep u. May His Face (Jesus) shine upon u& be gracious 2u. May His Spirit turn His Face to u& give u peace #TrinitAaron

John11: Martha got truth, Mary got tears, Lazarus got triumph. Jesus knows how to meet your needs #EnjoyYourDay

God's power + wisdom = a bleeding Sacrifice. Does that add up for you? Then you're being saved. 1Cor1 #EnjoyYourDay

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