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Firstfruits – All-Age Song about Resurrection

I've been working on a song about firstfruits for a while. I love the fact that Easter Sunday was the day the future arrived. Jesus' resurrection appearances give us snapshots of the world to come. What a future!

This version is different from my earlier effort. Mainly because now it's a round. Yes I know. Another round. I think I might have a problem...


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Firstfruits - taste of tomorrow
Firstfruits - hope when there's sorrow
Jesus rose up from the dead
to show all His people the world that lies ahead

It was country walks and heart-warming talks
Mind-blowing preaches and breakfast on beaches
Feasting and family and peace and grace
and Jesus our battle-scarred Brother, face to face.

1 thought on “Firstfruits – All-Age Song about Resurrection

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    I have found your song uplifting, especially after his losing my loving, loyal cat of fifteen years and other natural problems of life's mortality. To know this future of transfiguring a weak, lowly body into His Glorious One is good news. And to live, serve and reign in this new heaven and earth because He takes our curse now, leaves one speechless.

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