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A Song About Christ’s Resurrection Appearances

I started writing this for an all-age talk, but I think it might not be simple enough for that. What do you think?


He climbed up the hill, the cross on His back.
He breathed His last breath and the sky turned black.
But death could not hold Him, He rose up in might
And showed us the Dawn that's beyond the Night

It was Country walks and heart-warming talks,
Mind-blowing preaches and breakfast on beaches.
Hope reignited, friends reunited,
Feasting and family and grace
And Jesus our battle-scarred Brother,
Speaking His peace to us face to face.

The hill we must climb, it stretches ahead
The footsteps of Jesus, His people must tread.
As night closes in we ask "Is there a Dawn?"
The risen Lord Jesus says "Think Easter Morn"

4 thoughts on “A Song About Christ’s Resurrection Appearances

  1. storedinmyheart

    Hi Glen,

    I really like it, and think it would work for an all-age. The Chorus is especially catchy and easy to pick up (particularly the first 4 lines).

    You could get a picture to represent each of:
    country walk
    heart warming talk
    mind-blowing preaches
    breakfast on beaches...(etc...not sure how you do 'hope reignited'.. a match/spark?)
    And get volunteers to hold them up at the critical parts of the chorus??

    I've got a couple of ideas of how to make it a bit simpler melodically...but don't want to barge in with them. It's good how it is.

    With love in Christ,

  2. Glen

    You're right Dan, the chorus gets overly complicated after the first two lines. I'll have a think, please also feel free to make simplifying suggestions

  3. Glen

    Off the top of my head, I'm thinking:

    It was country walks and heart-warming talks,
    Mind-blowing preaches and breakfast on beaches.
    Feasting and family, peace and grace
    And Jesus our battle-scarred Brother, face to face.

  4. storedinmyheart

    For the chorus, I just wondered about repeating the first four lines (up until 'grace' before moving on to 'And Jesus our battle-scarred brother' - capitalise on the catchy bit - but the change of chords and melody really suits the last two lines - helps us take them in.

    For the verse, I think the hardest line to get hold of the melody for is the last line. How about repeating the same melody for the first three lines, then for the 4th line, something that goes up (to fit with 'the dawn' in both lines - EXCITING!) - you could even use the melody you have for the second line at the moment. (does that make sense - would be easier to sing it...).

    Or, like I said, it does work as it is, so feel free to ignore everything I said!!

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