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More Plymouth Bounty

Channing Nelson
Marcus (Channing) Nelson

Last week I heard Leon Sims' pure nard on Church: where heaven meets earth.


This Sunday I went to St Andrew's to hear the glory man Marcus (Channing) Nelson on Malachi 4.  An absolute corker on Christ's return - DOWNLOAD HERE.

Woody Nichols
Steve (Woody) Nichols



Later that day, Steve (Woody) Nichols preached on Galatians 4: A choice of religions. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Highly recommended.

1 thought on “More Plymouth Bounty

  1. meneksh

    Haha, this is brilliant. I was pretty confused when I logged into WordPress and there was a giant picture of Marcus's face filling the screen - in the WordPress reader, it was about 10 times bigger than in the actual post. Thanks for the recommendations :-)

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