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9 thoughts on “My Sermons and Daily Devotions Indexed

  1. Glen

    Fruitofhisdeath, if you think my teaching is completely incompatible with the terms of the new covenant then surely so are your comments. You being on this blog is clearly unhelpful to all concerned. Is there any reason why I shouldn't ban you from comments?

  2. Si Hollett

    Tim, surely it's still Christmas - a day 4 present, rather than a very very early or slightly late present...
    My first doctrine lecture session (I get my second and more in a week!) had two halves of the room debate 'no creed but the bible' or whatever, and I was delegated as muggins trying to argue for it. In a cloud of rhetoric and confidence I gave a convincing flurry of nonsense, but only convincing as neither my side or the other side (or at least those whom I talked to) spotted the massive fallacies (appeals to history, historical fallacies, appeals to theologians - that appeal was given straight faced to me by my side, appeals to theological method - all undermining the point) I was making (I tried my best to be charitable to the view).

    I fear fruitofhisdeath is making the same mistake here as I was, only believing his own bluster - attacking sermons/devotionals, but giving such things in every comment. No revelation outside the crucifixion, except (of course) the secret gnosis he has and the out of context verses he peppers in every post.

    Then again, it is clear that he reads no more than the title of such old covenant things before responding...

  3. Glen

    My blog will send all your comments to moderation from now on. There are people who want to learn and/or interact fruitfully and your constant sniping puts off many. I will be able to read your comments but none will be automatically posted to the site.

    I sincerely hope and pray you take the advice of many on this blog to return to the Christ of Scripture and His earthly body. In Him,

  4. Josh

    Thanks for the great resources Glen! I've suddenly got a VPN that works here and can access the blog - it's been great feasting! Any chance of visiting China one day and doing some work with International Students here?

  5. John B

    So glad for the sermon scripture index! It's also nice to have a place to go to to hear your latest message. Thank you for providing this resource and for all the effort that went into providing such a fine gift during this Christmastide!


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