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Martian Came Down – New Christmas Kids Song


Martian came down, down, down
With a dirty frown, frown, frown
Pointed his ray gun in our face
Said "We don't like the human race
Forces in the sky don't wanna be friends
Nothing you can do to make amends."

"So take me to your leader now
We're gonna make him bawl and bow
Then cry, cry, everybody cry.
We are waging warfare from on high.

Angel came down, down, down,
Shining all around, round, round
Telling us "Please don't be afraid,
Heaven is coming to your aid,
Jesus in the sky, He wants to be friends
Born to you to make amends"

"So take our lovely Leader now
Heaven's Present has come down
And sing, sing, everybody sing
Christ is waging peace on everything."

That's why we sing
Our Brother is King
His peace to bring
To everything.


Verse: Em B

Chorus: Em C G D

4 thoughts on “Martian Came Down – New Christmas Kids Song

  1. coomar

    Somehow I would never have believed something like that could work if I hadn't seen it for myself. Brilliant!

    So... you've slapped around St Nick and mauled Marvin the Martian. What next? Dissing Daffy? Castigating Chewbacca? ;-)

  2. coomar

    I'd say go after our dear friend Richard's personal favourite, the Flying Spaghetti Monster... but that could get messy.

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