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FootprintsUPDATE: Apparently this cartoon's doctored from the original here.
Sorry Kris Straub, I was an unwitting participant.  Here's his original:

chainsawsuit footprints

You can't undo the past but Jesus has covered it and is now transforming the mess. It really is onwards and upwards #EnjoyYourDay

Eph 1:18-23 - The power of His resurrection is in you, the purpose of His resurrection is for you #EnjoyYourDay

"I want in on Jesus" <-- said to a mate in a Sheffield pub tonight. So they prayed there and then! #praiseJesus

"Whoops!" "Never thought of that!" "My hands are tied" "It's beyond fixing"<- words u won't hear from yr Father. #EnjoyYourDay

The gospel is not education for the religious, it's salvation for sinners. If we believed that, how would we preach?

God's love, which is completely yours in Jesus, is Forever, Fatherly and Forgiving: Psalm 103 #EnjoyYourDay

He didn't rescue u *so* He could delight in u. He delighted in u & so rescued u. Ps 18. U've been loved at yr worst. #EnjoyYourDay

'Who'd be a king when you can be a preacher!?' Spurgeon-ish

#TestimonyOverheard Me to Chaplain "Come to Christ? But I'm Anglican!" Chaplain: "U'd make a much better Anglican if u knew Jesus as Lord!"

"Rejoice Always!" And Paul means it. Just remember in the same letter he wishes he was dead & craves fellowship *in* suffering. #AllTrue

Jesus hasn't made safe passage for us back to heaven. He's made treacherous passage for Himself down to earth. #Christmas #EnjoyYourDay

The pressure's off: you don't need to be right. In fact it's pretty important that you're wrong. Tell God and #enjoyyourday

Christ has married us, redeemed us from every evil and adordned us with all His goodness. #Luther #EnjoyYourDay

How does that Isaiah 9 song go? "And the government shall be upon my shoulders." No, it's all on the Prince of Peace. #EnjoyYourDay

When theologians of glory complain vs election they prove their need 4 it. They clearly dont *will* God 2b God & need 2b freed! Forde-ish

Since God draws near in the Christ-child, ask yourself What does a baby want from u? Except that u come near yrself? #EnjoyYourDay

Christ doesn't simply end suffering, He enters it.  is now rapture ready. If I'm beamed up between now & new years the heathen will have daily scheduled posts 2 think upon

Something tells me this "Street Compliments" project wouldn't work so well in England...  Very cool though.

New word for you: #Sanctumcision. It's when teaching on 'sanctification' becomes Galatian heresy. You're welcome.

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