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Life-Changer by Jason Ramasami


I received my copy in the post on Saturday and spent a very enjoyable half an hour pouring over Jason's "graphic guide to the life of Jesus."  The book takes you from the birth of Jesus through His encounters with the religious, the irreligious, sin, sickness, storms, Satan and death.  It finishes with an offer of Christ.

The best thing about the book is the towering, constant, kind presence of Jesus.  On every page He topples our oppressors and lifts up the bowed down.  There's something about the boldness of a comic format that can uniquely portray the "heroic" to Jesus.  And when we turn to the cross - ah - glory!  Very moving indeed.

In the words of the publisher, here's a book for "non-booky people of all ages... particularly teenagers and students. Faithful, fun and imaginative, it gives a fresh, innovative twist to the greatest story ever told. Great for giving away at evangelistic events or as a gift."

Get it here!

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